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Custom Indicators are visualizations and scripts created on TrendSpider’s JavaScript Scripting System. They can utilize any of the real-time market and alternative data in TrendSpider to provide market context and signals to the user.
Screenshot of Analyst Ratings over Time indicator
Analyst Ratings over Time 
This indicator plots a lower window that highlights the overall analyst ratings on the symbol over time. It will only work on US equities covered by stock market analysts and wirehouses.
Screenshot of Trend Momentum ColorWave indicator
Trend Momentum ColorWave 
The Trend Momentum ColorWave leverages the strengths of both the MACD’s momentum tracking and the SuperTrend’s trend-following abilities, offering traders an immediate visual cue to the prevailing market sentiment and potential shifts in trends. This indicator is particularly useful for traders looking to enhance their chart analysis with an easy-to-interpret visual tool that combines trend […]
Screenshot of Bull Bear Power indicator
Bull Bear Power 
The Bull and Bear Power indicator is a technical analysis tool that measures the balance between buyers (bulls) and sellers (bears) in a market. It was developed by Alexander Elder and is used to identify trend reversals, confirm trend strength, and detect divergences between price and momentum
Screenshot of News Articles per Daily Candle indicator
News Articles per Daily Candle 
This script visualizes the number of news records per day on a chart, highlighting days with above-average news volume. It is specifically designed for the daily timeframe.
Screenshot of Analyst Ratings on Chart indicator
Analyst Ratings on Chart 
This indicator will display analyst ratings on the chart to show you how price reacted to the rating. It will work on all US equities that are covered by Wall Street analysts and wirehouse analysts.
Screenshot of Pre-Market Range indicator
Pre-Market Range 
This is a simple indicator that plots the high and low of pre market session as horizontal lines on the chart making it easy to see the pre-market range on any timeframe.
Screenshot of Composite Index indicator
Composite Index 
The Composite Index indicator is an advanced analytical tool designed for the lower panel of a trading chart, providing a unique blend of momentum and trend analysis. It diverges from traditional indicators by combining the Relative Strength Index (RSI) with its own momentum and moving averages to create a more comprehensive view of market dynamics.
Screenshot of Jerry McGuire indicator
Jerry McGuire 
The Jerry McGuire indicator is a trend-following tool that utilizes two Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) to provide clear visual cues about the market’s direction through candle coloring on the chart. It employs a shorter 8-period EMA and a longer 21-period EMA to distinguish between different market conditions based on the relationship of the price to […]
Screenshot of Trend Directional Force Index indicator
Trend Directional Force Index 
The Trend Direction Force Index (TDFI) is an innovative indicator designed for the lower panel of a trading chart, created to provide a nuanced understanding of the market’s trend direction and its strength. This custom indicator employs a combination of moving averages and a unique Trend Direction Force Index calculation to highlight the momentum and […]
Screenshot of Analyst Estimates and Reports indicator
Analyst Estimates and Reports 
This indicator highlights analyst actions on the price chart by coloring candles and applying labels. There are several kind of labels from buy and sell ratings. There also are colors that indicate upgrades and downgrades.
Screenshot of Analyst Estimates and Concensus indicator
Analyst Estimates and Concensus 
This indicator paints distribution of Analysts rankings for a given market over time. There are 3 areas on the distribution chart: green (“Buy” ranks),red (for “Sell”) and gray (“Hold”). At every point in time, you can see what the prevailing ranking is.
Screenshot of Liquidity Levels indicator
Liquidity Levels 
The Liquidity Levels indicator is a distinctive analytical tool that leverages the concept of Williams’ Fractals to identify and visually represent significant support and resistance levels on the price chart. This indicator focuses on pinpointing the highest and lowest points within a given range, marked by fractal high and fractal low points over a 51-period […]
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