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Time trades, manage risk & capture profits

Don’t chase the market, let it come to you. Lean on TrendSpider's patented cloud-based alerts and trading bots to watch the market for you, your way.

Dramatically improve your response times to changing market conditions

  • Use dynamic alerts on indicators, trendlines and levels. Lean on multi-factor alerts for more complex conditions, and automate entire strategies using trading bots.
  • Alerts live on the cloud and you do not have to have TrendSpider open for them to work.
  • Get alerted by text message, push notification, e-mail, or in-app notification.
  • Use alerts to trigger events in other applications, such as automated posts to a Discord channel, social media website.

Get alerts when price approaches any indicator or level you are trading against

  • Right click on any trend line, indicator or level on any chart, and create a visual alert on it.
  • Set a buffer zone around your level to be notified when the price gets close.
  • Create multiple alerts for each phase of your trade so you never miss something you care about.

Create complex multi-factor, multi-timeframe alerts on any chart

  • Build complex, multi-factored, multi-timeframe conditions using natural language and drop down menus. No coding required.
  • Mix-and-match different types of market data and get alerted only when all or some of your conditions trigger.
  • Use multiple time frames and multiple symbols within one alert for ultimate flexibility.
Place trades on multiple brokerage accounts from a single interface.

Place trades on multiple brokerage accounts from a single interface

  • Connect all your brokerage accounts to TrendSpider and trade in any of them for free.
  • View positions and holdings in each account individually.
  • Place buy and sell orders directly from the TrendSpider interface.
  • Use the same broker connection (via SignalStack) to automate orders from alerts and trading bots.

Automate entire strategies using trading bots - without writing any code

  • Realize the ultimate dream of many traders by turning your strategy into a systemic trading bot.
  • No coding required to turn any backtest into a forward test that runs with real-time market data.
  • Strategies can serve as a bi-directional alert that texts, e-mails and notifies you when you should enter or exit a position, or they can function as fully autonomous trading bots that can buy-and-sell on your behalf.
Place trades on multiple brokerage accounts from a single interface.

Connect alerts to other systems like discord and even your brokerage account for auto execution

  • Use webhooks to connect your alerts and trading bots to outside systems.
  • Trigger posts on Twitter/X, in a Discord channel, on a Telegram group, or to your friends and family using webhook connections.
  • Webhooks can also be used to connect to an order routing system, such as SignalStack, to fully automate the buying and selling action that each alert represents.

See it in action: Dynamic Alerts and Trading Bots

Visually create alerts on any indicator, trendline or level

Visually create alerts by right-clicking on any indicator or trend line without ever writing a single line of code. TrendSpider’s Dynamic Alerts will monitor the chart for you — from the cloud — and let you know the moment something interesting happens. There’s no need to sit in front of a computer all day trying to monitor multiple charts at once.

Turn any strategy into a fully automated trading bot

Don't settle for just being alerted - turn any strategy you test in the Strategy Tester into a fully automated, position-aware trading bot. The bot will stay online forever (until you stop it) and will trigger when your entry or exit conditions occur instantly. No coding required.

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