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Convert more users & retain them longer

See how TrendSpider can help your online brokerage stand out.

The Problem

Before Today
Find opportunities Broker Tools Third party tools
Analyze opportunities Broker Tools Third party tools
Plan trades Broker Tools Third party tools
Develop & test strategies Broker Reporting Third party tools
Journaling & reporting Broker Reporting Third party tools
Execute trades Broker Broker
Before: Traders depend on their broker for everything. Now, they only use their broker for execution and depend on third party tools for everything else.
  • Online brokerage and crypto exchange businesses are highly competitive and commoditized.
  • Brokers in particular have raced to the bottom and no longer can use commission discounts or pricing to differentiate.
  • Almost all brokers and exchanges provide platforms for traders to use, however retail traders generally don't use them - instead opting for third party tools such as TrendSpider.
  • This dichotomy (zero commissions + investor affinity for third party tools) compounds the competitive dynamics and makes them even more challenging for providers.

The Solution

Give your traders access to the TrendSpider platform as a value-add

  • Improve competitive differentiation and improve web-to-account conversion rates.
  • Enhance stickiness of customers and reduce the chances they will cancel (because their preferred tools are now linked to their brokerage account)
  • Increase trading volume and thus PFOF revenues and the LTV of your retail trading accounts.
  • Give retail users access to institutional grade market analysis software to help be more competitive in the markets and thus improve their overall satisfaction.
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Strategic Partnerships

A high level overview about the broker partnership program that you can share internally.

Pilot Program

A summary of the various ways to run a pilot program to see first hand what TrendSpider can do for your business.

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We can help design a custom solution for your firm, including Reselling, Licensing, Value Bundling or Grey Labeling options.

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