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Custom Indicators are visualizations and scripts created on TrendSpider’s JavaScript Scripting System. They can utilize any of the real-time market and alternative data in TrendSpider to provide market context and signals to the user.
Screenshot of SpotGamma Levels indicator
SpotGamma Levels 
SpotGamma Levels highlight areas of significant support or resistance on major US indices, helping traders gauge expectations for forward price movement. These levels are released pre-market each day and are derived from SpotGamma’s proprietary analysis of the options market.
Screenshot of Mansfield relative strength indicator
Mansfield relative strength 
Compares a security's price to its sector index, indicating if it's stronger or weaker within its industry.
Screenshot of Dorsey relative strength indicator
Dorsey relative strength 
Compares a security's price to the S&P 500, showing if it's outperforming or underperforming the market.
Screenshot of MACD and RSI Momentum indicator
MACD and RSI Momentum 
The MACD & RSI Based Momentum indicator is a powerful tool that combines the insights of two of the most popular technical analysis tools: the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI). This indicator is designed to provide a nuanced view of market momentum and trend direction by analyzing the interplay […]
Screenshot of Volume Flow Indicator indicator
Volume Flow Indicator 
The Volume Flow Indicator (VFI) is a sophisticated technical analysis tool designed for the lower panel of a trading chart, aiming to identify major trends by analyzing volume flows and price movements. This indicator combines several elements to assess buying and selling pressure, incorporating volatility, volume, and price movement into its calculation to offer insights […]
Screenshot of Smoothed Heikin Ashi indicator
Smoothed Heikin Ashi 
This is a modified Heikin Ashi indicator, smoothed using moving averages to reduce noise and clarify trend direction. Implemented in JavaScript, it offers customizable smoothing lengths.
Screenshot of Institutional Supply and Demand Zones indicator
Institutional Supply and Demand Zones 
The Institutional Supply and Demand Zones indicator is designed to visually represent critical areas on the chart where significant buying (demand zones) or selling (supply zones) pressure has historically occurred. This innovative tool dynamically identifies these zones by analyzing fractals over a specific period, capturing areas where institutional investors may have concentrated their orders. With […]
Screenshot of Per-session Volume-by-Price (VbP) indicator
Per-session Volume-by-Price (VbP) 
This script calculates per-session Volume By Price, using lower time frame data for distribution calculation. It features Point of Control and Value Area.
Screenshot of Chande ARCH (Adaptive Regression Channel) indicator
Chande ARCH (Adaptive Regression Channel) 
Perfect for discretionary traders, this tool automatically draws a 5-line price channel on the chart over a user-specified length. Linear regression is used to find the best-fit line, and volatility is used to draw two more lines on either side to contain price action. You can adjust the location of the lines and shift the […]
Screenshot of GoNoGo Trend Pro + Icons (Suite) indicator
GoNoGo Trend Pro + Icons (Suite) 
GoNoGo Trend® blends robust statistical tools into a simple color-coded bar chart of a security’s price according to the strength of its trend. GoNoGo Charts highlight low-risk opportunities for trend participation and alert investors to short-term countertrend corrections with intuitive icons directly in the price action.
Screenshot of Insider Trading Indicator indicator
Insider Trading Indicator 
This indicator will plot bubbles on the chart to highlight when there have been insider trades in the name being displayed. It will only work on US equities where insider trades are reported. Please note, the data on this indicator is subject to SEC reporting delay.
Screenshot of Chande BLAST (Buy Low with Adaptive Stop) indicator
Chande BLAST (Buy Low with Adaptive Stop) 
Ideally, you will buy near lows and sell near highs with a robust counter-trend entry matched to a trend-following exit. Use on any instrument and time frame. The trailing stop can also be used by itself. Good stop discipline is essential for this tool, with the primary risk being a string of losing trades when […]
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