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Custom Indicators are visualizations and scripts created on TrendSpider’s JavaScript Scripting System. They can utilize any of the real-time market and alternative data in TrendSpider to provide market context and signals to the user.
Screenshot of Dorsey relative strength indicator
Dorsey relative strength 
Compares a security's price to the S&P 500, showing if it's outperforming or underperforming the market.
Screenshot of Mansfield relative strength indicator
Mansfield relative strength 
Compares a security's price to its sector index, indicating if it's stronger or weaker within its industry.
Screenshot of Chande ARCH (Adaptive Regression Channel) indicator
Chande ARCH (Adaptive Regression Channel) 
Perfect for discretionary traders, this tool automatically draws a 5-line price channel on the chart over a user-specified length. Linear regression is used to find the best-fit line, and volatility is used to draw two more lines on either side to contain price action. You can adjust the location of the lines and shift the […]
Screenshot of Smoothed Heikin Ashi indicator
Smoothed Heikin Ashi 
This is a modified Heikin Ashi indicator, smoothed using moving averages to reduce noise and clarify trend direction. Implemented in JavaScript, it offers customizable smoothing lengths.
Screenshot of Chande BLAST (Buy Low with Adaptive Stop) indicator
Chande BLAST (Buy Low with Adaptive Stop) 
Ideally, you will buy near lows and sell near highs with a robust counter-trend entry matched to a trend-following exit. Use on any instrument and time frame. The trailing stop can also be used by itself. Good stop discipline is essential for this tool, with the primary risk being a string of losing trades when […]
Screenshot of Per-session Volume-by-Price (VbP) indicator
Per-session Volume-by-Price (VbP) 
This script calculates per-session Volume By Price, using lower time frame data for distribution calculation. It features Point of Control and Value Area.
Screenshot of GoNoGo Oscillator (Suite) indicator
GoNoGo Oscillator (Suite) 
GoNoGo Oscillator® blends several popular ideas about price behavior and supply/demand relationships together to provide the user with meaningful momentum analysis
Screenshot of GoNoGo Trend Pro + Icons (Suite) indicator
GoNoGo Trend Pro + Icons (Suite) 
GoNoGo Trend® blends robust statistical tools into a simple color-coded bar chart of a security’s price according to the strength of its trend. GoNoGo Charts highlight low-risk opportunities for trend participation and alert investors to short-term countertrend corrections with intuitive icons directly in the price action.
Screenshot of Chande PALS (Parabolic Long Stop) indicator
Chande PALS (Parabolic Long Stop) 
Created by grafting the Wilder’s Parabolic Stop and Reverse onto a price channel, but with only one-way acceleration and with exquisite control over starting levels. You can choose from four preset speeds to create unique accelerating trailing stops that cannot be easily manipulated by other market players and to capture more of your open trade […]
Screenshot of Chande FAMA (Fully Adaptive Moving Average) indicator
Chande FAMA (Fully Adaptive Moving Average) 
This fully adaptive exponential moving average automatically adjusts its length and offset within a user-specified range. For example, it can automatically vary its length from 5 to 30 days, and its offset from 3-6 days. Further, you can create adaptive bands around it, using either volatility or average true range. It is best used to […]
Screenshot of Moving Average Distance indicator
Moving Average Distance 
Measures the difference between two moving averages of a selected type and length, highlighting convergence and divergence. It is implemented in JavaScript.
Screenshot of Insider Trading Indicator indicator
Insider Trading Indicator 
This indicator will plot bubbles on the chart to highlight when there have been insider trades in the name being displayed. It will only work on US equities where insider trades are reported. Please note, the data on this indicator is subject to SEC reporting delay.
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