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Make smarter, faster, more efficient trading decisions with TrendSpider

TrendSpider is a new type of charting, technical analysis and trading platform - one built by traders, for traders. It's a unique set of integrated tools designed to help you find, plan, and time your trades with greater efficiency and precision.


Find better trade setups by searching the market for technical chart conditions on any timeframe


Improve the accuracy and speed of your technical analysis while removing biases and human error


Enhance your edge by combining price action, volume and sentiment into a new, simple and powerful of chart visualization.


Get the context with easy-to-understand non-technical analysis visualized naturally for technical traders.


Experiment, design, test and refine long and short trading strategies with 27 years of historical data


Improve your trade timing and let the market come to you with powerful, real-time cloud-based alerts.

Video Tour of the TrendSpider Platform

Watch the complete top-down demonstration of the entire platform (43 min).

One platform, many tools

TrendSpider is more than just charts. It's a complete toolkit that has everything you need to be a smarter, faster, more efficient technical trader.

Real-time data included

Real-time stock, crypto and forex data, as well as delayed futures and index data is included with your plan. Unlike other platforms, there is no need to pay separately for data feeds.

Intuitive & easy-to-use

Intuitive, easy-to-use technical analysis tools and charting software designed to help you quickly make informed trading decisions.

Free support and training

Receive free 1-on-1 training and talk to a real person when you need help. Our support team is always just a quick chat or call away.

Market Scanner

Find better trading opportunities, faster, by using our Market Scanner to search for charts that match your desired technical conditions. Send the real-time results to customizable smart watchlists in just seconds.

  • Quickly build, test and refine scanners using any combination of technical conditions, including indicators, patterns and price action.
  • Use intraday scanning on any timeframe from 1-minute and up! You can even combine up to five separate timeframes into a single scan.
  • Take advantage of dozens of pre-built scanners, including popular ones like Volume Rush, TD Sequential and Alligator Hustle.
  • Scan across a wide range of pre-defined or custom universes, including all major indices and industries.

Smart Charts & Automated Analysis

Level up your trading with the industry's smartest charting platform designed to assist you with making better trading decisions. Real-time data included — no extra fees.

  • Beautiful, blazing-fast and modern cloud and web-based intuitive charting platform.
  • Automated technical analysis capabilities that identify key trendlines, price levels, Fibonacci zones and patterns for you.
  • Hundreds of technical indicators supported out-the-box, from standard indicators such as moving averages to specialty indicators such as the AlphaTrends Anchored VWAP.
  • Exclusive access to TrendSpider’s innovative Raindrop Charts.

Proprietary Raindrop™ Charts on Any Asset or Timeframe

See what other traders frequently overlook by integrating volume into your price bars. Unlike traditional candlesticks, Raindrops abstract away noise and generate a unique visualization that shows you how price, volume and time interact on your charts.

  • Integrate volume profile into your charts - on each price bar
  • Generate Raindrop Charts on any timeframe from 10 minute all the way to Monthly
  • Volume-weight your favorite indicators, such as moving averages, RSI, MACD and more
  • Scan, backtest and alert with Raindrop Charts
  • Leverage Raindrop Chart patterns such as the Balloon, Blue Doji Raindrops and Single/Double Flips in your analysis

Analyst Ratings, Seasonality and Benzinga® News in Asset Insights

Visualize and understand non-technical fundamental data such as analyst ratings, financial information, news events, and market seasonality in a way that is familiar and natural for technical traders.

  • Instantly understand the seasonality of any asset on a granular basis to know when the best and worst times to invest have been historically.
  • Visualize Analyst Actions such as buy, sell and hold recommendations in a powerful way that allows you to see - on your chart - which analysts are good indicators, and which are good contra-indicators.
  • Benzinga® News Feeds are now included in TrendSpider within the Asset Insight Sidebar Widgets for quick access to company-specific news events.

Backtesting with Strategy Tester

The Strategy Tester is the best and easiest way to see first hand what strategies have worked in the past and which have not worked at all on an asset-by-asset basis to help inform and refine your trading strategies.

  • Easy-to-use visual interface; no programming skills required. Just visually design a strategy, press the test button, and see how it might have performed.
  • Fully integrated with charting, scanning and alerts. Visualize performance on your live charts and instantly create alerts for the future.
  • Supports intraday testing down to 1 minute with conditions around indicators, price, patterns and volume.
  • View advanced reports including win/loss ratios, average trade performance and duration, likely future performance and more.Convert any backtest condition into an alert with one click - so you know the moment it happens next.

Dynamic & Multi-Factor Alerts

TrendSpider's patent pending alerts are unlike anything else on the market. Create alerts across any combination of timeframe and technical factor using a visual builder interface that doesn’t require any programming or technical knowledge.

  • Create alerts on any trendline, indicator or Fibonacci level simply by right-clicking on them on the chart.
  • Utilize buffer sensitivity zones to receive alerted when the price approaches a particular level for early warning.
  • Utilize multiple timeframes in your alerts to control confirmations and the frequency of alert generation.
  • Cloud-based alerts are delivered via SMS, e-mail and in-app notification so you never miss anything important — even if the phone rings or you step away from your desk.

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