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Create, test & refine your trading strategies

TrendSpider's Strategy Tester is the industry’s easiest, fastest, simplest, and safest way to create, test, and refine trading strategies.


Instantly test any strategy on any market. No coding required.

Configure your entry and exit rules, and press go. Check the results, refine, and repeat until you have found your edge.

  • Easy to use and easy to learn. No coding required.

  • Blazing fast. Explore any trading strategy in seconds.

  • Visualize trading decisions on the price chart.

  • Explore the behavior of price before and after entry.

  • Track key statistical data points and KPIs.

  • Deploy any strategy or condition as an alert or a trading bot with just one click.

All the benefits of trial-and-error strategy development, without the risk and frustration

You don’t have to be a bank or hedge fund to backtest trading strategies. Leverage the same technology used by professional traders to effortlessly build and test your own strategies from your TrendSpider account. Since it's fully integrated into your TrendSpider charts, you don’t need to buy or learn any other tools or technologies.

The most robust backtesting solution available to retail traders today

Bank-grade backtesting without the software engineering. Create strategies visually, test them long or short, mix-and-match complex technical and non-technical conditions, and improve your trading systematically. Once you find a strategy you like, quickly deploy it with just a few clicks.

Detailed reporting and analytics help you build and refine winning strategies easier than ever before

TrendSpider provides a robust set of statistical metrics for you to use when refining your trading strategies, including, but not limited to the net profit, the beta, the ratio of winning and losing trades, your expectancy, and much, much more. As you run your tests, you will see how your metrics change visually, so you won't miss anything.

Price behavior explorer chart gives you a powerful, new way to visually understand the behavior of your trading strategy

TrendSpider's price behavior explorer is a powerful tool that helps you understand how your strategy performs from entry. Here, you can measure a wide range of statistics and also visually understand the likely path price will take from entry, which you can use to refine your strategy further.

When a the last trade in a backtested strategy is an opening trade, the price behavior explorer chart will be superimposed on the price chart at entry so you can see if price action is behaving as expected visually.

Turn winning strategies into live trading bots without writing any code

When you find a winning strategy in the Strategy Tester, you can put it to work for you in a few different ways. For example, one way is to create "Alert Me Next Time" notifications on your entry or exit conditions. Another way is to convert the entire strategy into a fully automated Trading Bot. It's designed to be easy to use, even for people who don't have computer science degrees!

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See it in action: Creating and testing strategies

Visually develop, test, refine your own trading strategies

You used to have to be a computer science major to backtest strategies automatically. The process would involve writing code, running the test, then editing the code, and repeating - until you found something you like. No more. TrendSpider's Strategy Tester makes it easy to visually create and test strategies for anyone - even if you aren't a programmer.

Use hindsight to your advantage with 40+ years of market data

Go back in time and see what would have happened in the past if you traded a specific way WITHOUT risking a penny of your capital. Having significant historical data at your fingertips gives you an advantage few other traders have. Create, refine and compare different strategies to each other. Perfect your trading method before you risk your capital on it. It's never been easier.