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How did I ever trade without this!?
- You, in a few days.

What traders are saying

See why over 4,000 traders and market experts love TrendSpider.

"I think this is the most innovative technology for traders since live streaming."

Scott Smith
Professional Trader and Owner of

"I cancelled my StockCharts and got TrendSpider. I'm still trying to figure it all out, but I'm liking it more and more each time I use it. I can see how this will give me more confidence in my entries."

TrendSpider Customer

“I believe TrendSpider Raindrop Charts are the biggest advance in visual charting since Steve Nison brought candlesticks back from Japan."

Steve Burns
Professional Trader & Founder of New Trader University (NewTraderU)

“Not sure how you developed this software, but it is incredibly accurate."

Professional Trader

“I have to say thanks for this system. As a result I'm getting into trades lower and selling higher."

Professional Trader

"With TrendSpider I don't have to lose time creating my own trendlines that may be subconsciously bias. You can lie to yourself but TrendSpider will not."

Professional Trader & Group Leader

"I have to say I love the software you guys provide. I'm 4/4 with trades today based off of TrendSpider analysis. You have a satisfied customer and I will extend my membership after the trial."

Active Trader

"I’m using this more and more. You have no idea what you have developed here. This is the best software that I have used in over 30 years."

Professional Trader

"The only tool I found that can offer real-time trend analysis at an expert level"

Biotech Trader

"Guys, I'm blown away."


“Spectacular! I am a seasoned trader of 35 years and want to spend my time trading and not playing with software. TrendSpider has all of the most!”

Professional Trader

"I thought that I would share this with your team. It is insane how accurate the automated trend lines and the multi-timeframe analysis is. BTCUSD has been trading along these trends for some time. I would not have drawn them any better :)"

TrendSpider Customer

"I wanna say Thank You for TrendSpider. It's really changing the way I trade already. "

TrendSpider Customer

"I have watched the videos and set few alerts that fired today and helped e make money. I love this system!"

TrendSpider Customer
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