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Robust Technology for Enterprise Trading and Investing

Unlock and activate your strategic edge with TrendSpider’s robust research, analytics, planning and execution technology stack. Everything you need to discover opportunities, create, test and refine strategies, and execute well timed trades, all in one place.

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A Modern Framework for Active Investing and Trading

Bring your trading into the future by adopting the TrendSpider operating system for active investors. One platform that brings together everything you need to find opportunities, develop strategies, analyze markets and execute trades more efficiently than ever before.

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Product Capabilities and Benefits

Robust Data Access

Robust Data Access

Real-time data feeds for all US equities*, Futures* and Cryptocurrencies. Alternative data ranging from SEC filings,analyst ratings, to FRED data, and beyond.
Strategy Development

Strategy Development

The most efficient way to ideate, test, and refine sophisticated trading strategies.
Opportunity Discovery

Opportunity Discovery

Find markets that match your strategies with whiplash-inducing speed and surgical precision.
360-degree Analysis

360-degree Analysis

Automate the grunt work of analyzing potential investment ideas by leveraging robust alternative data and time-saving automation tools.
Execution Automation

Execution Automation

React to rapidly evolving market conditions quicker than ever before.
Native Collaboration

Native Collaboration

Work together as a team when creating, evaluating and testing ideas and strategies in the TrendSpider platform.
Dedicated Training and Support

Dedicated Training and Support

White-glove onboarding for your entire team plus dedicated access to engineers and support specialists to help you get the most out of TrendSpider.

Industries that Run on TrendSpider

TrendSpider mobile App screenshot TrendSpider mobile App screenshot

Hedge Funds

Leverage TrendSpider’s unique tools to enhance your edge, automate your grunt work, and generate more consistent and reliable profits from your trading operations.

Proprietary Trading Desks

Expand your capabilities to improve your ability to effectively capitalize on market trends and opportunities so you can generate more reliable results from your existing strategies.

ETF and ETN Operators

Understand the intricacies of the assets you hold in your exchange-traded products to better balance your holdings and improve the results you deliver to your holders.

Corporate Hedging & Investing Teams

Improve your ability to react-to and capitalize on market dislocations to improve the performance of your hedging activities.

Wealth Managers and Family Offices

Provide your clients with better advice backed by hard data to improve their satisfaction with your services and the results you deliver to them.

Try Modern Operating System for Active Investing and Trading

Bring your trading into the future by adopting the TrendSpider operating system for active investors.