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Effortlessly discover new trading ideas & opportunities

TrendSpider helps you find what you’re looking for quickly and accurately. Experience a new, modern way to discover opportunities and spot inefficiencies.

Quickly spot ideas, opportunities, and market inefficiencies that fit your specific criteria

  • Search the market for specific chart patterns, recent news, analyst actions, and more with built-in scanning tools.
  • Mix-and-match unlimited conditions, up to 5 separate time frames and unlimited indicators in a single scan.

If you can describe it, you can search the market for it

  • Define conditions using natural language or simple point and click menus. No programming required.
  • Use a wide range of technical and non-technical alternative data in your conditions.

Find timely trading ideas that you can jump on right now

  • Scan for breakouts, crosses, and other technical signals that are happening right now.
  • Find stocks that are moving fast due to news, analyst coverage, insider transactions or unusual options trades.
  • Match your scanners to your strategies to find optimal opportunities for you (don’t have a strategy? Build one!)

Discover potential opportunities to exploit in the future

  • Be the first to find the pattern before it breaks out by searching for in-force patterns that might later trigger into actionable trades.
  • Use dynamic and multi-factor alerts to let you know when the patterns you found before are ready for you to act on.
  • Never miss an opportunity to get into a position again.

Be the first to spot fast moving, new momentum assets or break out charts

  • Search the market for fast moving symbols on any market.
  • Keep an eye on smart universe watch lists or generate your own smart watch lists made up of breakouts that are happening right now.

Follow “smart money” investors like big money options traders, corporate insiders and fund managers

  • Keep an eye on big money options traders with real time options flow.
  • Follow corporate insider transactions so you’re not trading against executives and venture capitalists.

Keep an eye on Wall Street Analysts

  • Search using Wall Street Analyst recommendations and see how they change over time.
  • Identify the analysts that are worth paying attention to, and the ones that are not.

Discover new tickers and ideas with over automatic pre-filtered watch lists

  • Access over 700 automatically generated smart watch lists.
  • Identify popular stocks on social trading communities like Wall Street Bets.
  • Find stocks that have had a recent regulatory action, such as an exchange Halt.
  • Filter by US equity symbols by industry, sector and market cap, and filter cryptocurrency symbols by pair or exchange.

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TrendSpider University

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Market Scanner Documentation

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Contact Support Team

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See it in action: Finding and analyzing opportunities

Search the market for opportunity like you search Google for websites

If you can describe a scenario to a fellow trader, you can describe it to the Market Scanner. Search for any combination of technical and non-technical conditions across thousands of symbols in seconds.

Analyze opportunities at break-neck speeds with Smart Charts and Alternative Data

Automate your grunt work with pattern recognition, automated trendlines, and Smart Checklists. Then, get the full story - all of it - with alternative data such as Dark Pool, Unusual Options, Insider Trading, Seasonality, and more at a glance.