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Advanced Software Solutions for Family Office Managers

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Optimize your market research & trading operations with TrendSpider’s award-winning, industry-leading all-in-one platform for active investors

Family offices require specialized tools to manage and grow their wealth across generations. TrendSpider provides a comprehensive suite of features designed to preserve wealth, optimize investment strategies, and ensure efficient operations. Our platform supports the unique needs of family offices, from risk management to detailed reporting.

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Preserve and Grow Wealth with Real-Time Market Data

Access to accurate real-time and historical market data is essential for preserving and growing family wealth. TrendSpider delivers this data with unmatched speed, allowing family offices to perform robust analysis and make confident decisions. The platform’s comprehensive data feeds ensure that all necessary information is readily available.

  • Track existing investments with moving benchmarks
  • Create tailored strategies to meet investment mandates
  • Incorporate multi-factored data points
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Create, Test & Refine Strategies for Your Investment Mandates and Return Goals

Every family office has unique investment mandates and return goals. TrendSpider allows you to customize and personalize investment strategies to meet these requirements. Whether you are investing in traditional assets or exploring alternative investments, our platform provides the flexibility you need.

  • Create strategies utilizing a wide range of data
  • Incorporate real-time and historical prices and indicators
  • Utilize corporate financials and reports
  • Test against baskets of assets simultaneously
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Enhance Risk Management and Mitigation

Effective risk management is crucial for preserving family wealth. TrendSpider offers advanced tools to identify, monitor, and mitigate risks. Automated alerts and comprehensive analysis help you stay ahead of potential threats and make informed decisions to protect your assets.

  • Incorporate stop losses of various types into strategies
  • Dynamic price alerts
  • Multi-factor, multi-timeframe alerts
  • Automated trading bots and forward testing
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Improve Operational Efficiency with Automation

Streamlining operations can significantly reduce the administrative burden on family offices. TrendSpider's automation features help you manage tasks more efficiently, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making and client relationships.

  • Share watchlists, scanners, and visual scripts among teammates
  • Get more done with fewer screens with dashboards and MSV
  • Automate routine grunt work
  • Reduce potential for human errors in analysis
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Provide Transparent and Detailed Reporting

Family offices need to provide detailed reports to stakeholders. TrendSpider's reporting tools offer transparency and clarity, making it easy to generate comprehensive reports on investment performance, risk assessments, and market trends. This ensures all family members are well-informed about the status of their investments.

  • Create strategies transparently and honestly
  • Generate robust visual and tabular reports
  • Visually compare performance of strategies over time periods or asset classes
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Manage Diverse Investment Portfolios with Ease

Family offices often manage a variety of investments, including private equity and real estate. TrendSpider supports the management of diverse portfolios with tools that offer detailed insights and analysis across different asset classes. This helps in making well-rounded investment decisions.

  • Connect with over 200,000 global traded assets
  • Use one platform to access Crypto, Futures, Stocks, ETFs, and more

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Charting & Analysis Tools

Charting & Analysis Tools

Dive into TrendSpider’s powerful, patented technical, fundamental and alternative analysis capabilities.
Charting & Analysis Tools
Strategy Development Tools

Strategy Development Tools

Explore TrendSpider’s industry leading strategy development suite where you can test strategies against 50+ years of historical data without writing any code.
Strategy Development Tools

The All-in-One Super Platform for Professional Investors

Idea Generation Tools

Idea Generation Tools

Learn about TrendSpider’s award-winning idea generation capabilities, including Data Flow, Scanning, Market Mapping, and more.
Idea Generation Tools
Timing & Execution Tools

Timing & Execution Tools

See how TrendSpider can streamline your market monitoring and trade execution with patented cloud-based technology.
Timing & Execution Tools

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