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Software Update: Smart Checklist Feature Added

Many trading strategies consist of multiple, mixed conditions, such as monitoring price action on multiple time frames, using multiple indicators, and monitoring volume. In order to access this information, traders often spend a great deal of time checking each condition […]

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Software Update: Watermark Color and Transparency Added

Hello Everyone! Today, we are happy to announce a minor software upgrade that will give you more control over the look and feel of your charts; the Watermark Transparency and Color Selector. Now you can adjust the opacity of the […]

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Software Update: Scanner Now Supports Earnings, Dividends & Splits

Hello Everyone! We are happy to announce the first in a series of updates that pertain to the availability of non-technical data in TrendSpider. In this update, we enhance the TrendSpider Market Scanner by enabling new conditions for Earnings, Dividends, […]

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Software Update: Four New Scanner Templates

Hello Everyone! We are happy to announce a new release of TrendSpider’s “Spider Scans”. These prebuilt scanners are designed to provide you with real-world scanners that can find assets, but also to show you examples of how to create conditions […]

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Software Update: New Options for Drawings and Colors

Hello Everyone! Another day, another software update. Today, we present a small update that enhances the drawing tools in the platform as well as the the appearance of your indicators.

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Software Update: Introducing the TrendSpider Mobile Companion App

We write this post with tremendous excitement and enthusiasm as today is the day when we are finally releasing the all new TrendSpider Mobile Companion app for iPhone and Android devices! Unlike most trading apps you have probably downloaded that […]

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TrendSpider Software Update: Extend Right Option for Fibonacci Drawings and Horizontal Levels

At TrendSpider, we are constantly striving to improve your experience based on your feedback and input. Today we are pleased to announce a small upgrade to our Fibonacci and Horizontal Line drawing tools designed to give you more control over […]

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Software Update: Weekly and Monthly Raindrop Charts

Hello everyone and welcome to another TrendSpider feature announcement. This feature is one that has been commonly requested by traders since the introduction of our Raindrop Charts a few years ago. As background, Raindrop Charts abstract away arbitrary open and […]

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Software Update: Ext. Market Hours Support in Dynamic and Multi-Factor Alerts

Hello everyone! Today we are releasing an exciting update to the platform, building upon earlier updates that added support for Extended Market Sessions to both the Strategy Tester and the Market Scanner. In this update, we have added support for […]

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Software Update: RSI with Volatility Bands, Traders Dynamic Index

Hello everyone! Today we are back with yet another update from our development team. We are pleased to announce the addition of two new Indicators to the platform: RSI with volatility bands and the Traders Dynamic Index. RSI with Volatility […]

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