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Compliment Your Brokerage Account with TrendSpider

This directory highlights brokers with direct integration to TrendSpider for seamless trading within our platform. However, remember: even if you use a different broker, you can still use TrendSpider as TrendSpider is a broker-agnostic platform designed to compliment your trading no matter where you place your orders.

Broker name Stocks Forex Futures Crypto CFDs Options Simulated accounts

Not a Broker - a Platform that you can use with any broker

Sign up for TrendSpider through with one of TrendSpider's Access Partners for exclusive benefits - including complimentary access to the TrendSpider platform.

More goodies from the TrendSpider team

Access TrendSpider on your phone or in your Chrome, automate your order execution, and more.

$AAPL Example Chart Apple
Hover over any green symbol to see the chart

Chrome Extension

Quickly pop-up a live chart from TrendSpider anytime you come across a symbol on the web.
SignalStack - Broker order router

Automate Order Execution

SignalStack is a automation tool that makes it easy to connect your strategy alerts to your brokerage account. No coding required.
Trader's Bill of Rights: Service Level Agreement

Trader's Bill of Rights SLA

Trading is hard enough. Your trading platform stability and reliability should be the last thing you need to worry about.

Mobile Apps

Take TrendSpider with you anywhere you go with our native Android and iPhone applications.
A screenshot showing the mobile TrendSpider interface A screenshot showing the mobile interface with Raindrop Charts