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The Future of Financial Scripting

Build sophisticated custom indicators powered by real-time market data.

Build with JavaScript

Stop getting frustrated by half-baked proprietary scripting languages in other platforms. Build the future of trading with one of the world's most popular and powerful programming languages - JavaScript.

Use your own IDE - or ours

Write your scripts using the built-in code editor in TrendSpider, or connect your own IDE. The built in IDE is based on VS Code, so if you like that you can use it. If you use an outside IDE, you can set it up to sync your work. Learn More

Debug in your browser

Being powered by JavaScript has many advantages, one of which is the ability to debug using your browser's built in developer tools, just like if you were working on a website. Learn More

Use NPM packages

Incorporate select open-source NPM packages in your custom indicators to access a world of extensibility not possible in any other trading platform. Learn More

Real-time market data

Build using TrendSpider's premium real-time market data on any asset class, be it US equities, Futures or Cryptocurrencies.

Get all candles at once

Streamline your scripting by leveraging built-in data arrays. For example, the variable close contains an array of all the close prices on the chart, automatically.

Helper functions

From calculating routine indicators, to performing routine math, we have invested in creating helper functions to reduce how much code you need to write to get things done, fast. Helper functions include, but not limited to:
  • Calculate/compute indicators
  • Detect trendlines
  • Recognize chart patterns
  • Identify candlestick formations
  • Perform transformations and operations

Built by devs, for devs

We had one goal when building our custom scripting capability: make it as developer friendly as possible. You can say, it was built by developers, for developers.