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Welcome to the Trader’s Learning Center, by TrendSpider.

This website is a free encyclopedia about trading – a place where you can learn about everything from candlestick patterns to complex options strategies.

All the information on this website was compiled by the TrendSpider team and is intended to be an unbiased, authoritative source for all things that relate to the markets. We have taken painstaking efforts to ensure that all the content here is accurate and complete.

Originally, we planned to make this content only available to customers, but while building it, we decided to make it wide-open for everyone. Why? Because trading is hard, and getting good information about indicators, strategies, and other important trading concepts is often a lot more work than it should be.

Thank you again for visiting and we hope that you find the information you need. In the event we’re missing something, please drop us a note and we’ll work on adding it.

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