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Advanced Software Solutions for ETF, ETN and Mutual Fund Operators

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Optimize your market research & trading operations with TrendSpider’s award-winning, industry-leading all-in-one platform for active investors

ETF and ETN operators need robust tools to manage their diverse portfolios efficiently. TrendSpider offers a comprehensive platform that provides real-time data, automates technical analysis, and enhances risk management. These tools enable ETF and ETN operators to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and manage risks effectively.

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Leverage Professional Real-Time and Historical Market Data

Accurate real-time and historical market data are essential for managing ETFs and ETNs. TrendSpider delivers this data with unmatched speed, allowing operators to perform robust analysis and make confident decisions. The platform’s comprehensive data feeds ensure that all necessary information is readily available.

  • Over 250K real-time and 120K delayed price data feeds
  • Thousands of alternative data feeds
  • Import custom data from outside sources via CSV or API

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Upload and Utilize Custom Data Sets in Market Analysis

Incorporating custom data sets into market analysis can provide unique insights. TrendSpider allows ETF and ETN operators to upload proprietary data via CSV or API, enabling the creation of specialized visualizations and composite spreads. This flexibility supports a wide range of strategies and detailed market analysis.

  • Real-time market data
  • Robust historical data
  • In-depth alternative data
  • Corporate fundamental data
  • Custom data you import via CSV or API
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Fully Automate Technical Analysis Functions

Automating technical analysis can save time and reduce errors. TrendSpider’s advanced automation tools simplify the identification of market trends and patterns, allowing operators to focus on strategic planning rather than manual analysis. These high-speed automations enhance accuracy and efficiency.

  • Automated trendline detection
  • Dynamic pattern recognition
  • Automated anchoring
  • Intelligent support & resistance tools
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Conduct Advanced Backtesting and Strategy Validation

Backtesting is crucial for validating trading strategies against historical data. TrendSpider offers a powerful backtesting solution that supports mixed inputs and conditions in a visual, low-code interface. This makes it easy for operators to test, refine, and validate strategies, even without a technical background.

  • Multi-factor backtesting
  • Variance testing across timeframes and assets
  • Composite symbols and dynamic spreads
  • Robust visual and tabular outputs
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Elevate Risk Management and Market Response Times

Effective risk management is vital for navigating the unpredictable nature of financial markets. TrendSpider provides a robust set of tools for monitoring and mitigating potential risks, including automated alerts, trading bots, and correlation analysis. These tools help ETF and ETN operators react swiftly to market changes and safeguard their investments.

  • Dynamic price alerts
  • Multi-factor, multi-timeframe alerts
  • Automated trading bots
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Streamline Trade Desk Workflows and Operational Efficiency

Managing multiple portfolios can be complex and time-consuming. TrendSpider’s automation features streamline operational workflows, reducing the burden of repetitive tasks. This allows operators to dedicate more time to strategic activities, improving overall efficiency and effectiveness.

  • TrendSpider Assistant
  • Smart Checklists
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Multi-symbol view
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Monitor and Understand Market Sentiment in Real Time

Understanding market sentiment is key to anticipating market movements. TrendSpider integrates alternative data sources, including social media and news trends, to provide real-time sentiment analysis. This enables operators to adjust their strategies based on the latest public perceptions and potential market impacts.

  • Retail trading monitoring
  • Social sentiment monitoring
  • Insider trade tracking
  • Analyst recommendations
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Facilitate Expanded Operations and Team Growth

As ETF and ETN operations grow, their technology needs to scale accordingly. TrendSpider’s scalable platforms maintain high performance and reliability, ensuring that as data volumes increase, the ability to manage and analyze these data sets remains uncompromised. This supports the expansion of operations and team growth.

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Charting & Analysis Tools

Charting & Analysis Tools

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Charting & Analysis Tools
Strategy Development Tools

Strategy Development Tools

Explore TrendSpider’s industry leading strategy development suite where you can test strategies against 50+ years of historical data without writing any code.
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Idea Generation Tools

Idea Generation Tools

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Timing & Execution Tools

Timing & Execution Tools

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Timing & Execution Tools

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