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Custom Indicators are visualizations and scripts created on TrendSpider’s JavaScript Scripting System. They can utilize any of the real-time market and alternative data in TrendSpider to provide market context and signals to the user.
Screenshot of Full Timeframe Continuity Candle Colors indicator
Full Timeframe Continuity Candle Colors 
This indicator analyzes the direction of price on numerous timeframes and then represents that in the form of candlestick coloring to make it easy to determine which direction the majority of timeframes point.
Screenshot of Volume Flow Indicator indicator
Volume Flow Indicator 
The Volume Flow Indicator (VFI) is a sophisticated technical analysis tool designed for the lower panel of a trading chart, aiming to identify major trends by analyzing volume flows and price movements. This indicator combines several elements to assess buying and selling pressure, incorporating volatility, volume, and price movement into its calculation to offer insights […]
Screenshot of Magic Levels v14 Public indicator
Magic Levels v14 Public 
Magic Levels attempts to identify 4 key levels per chart. These levels can serve as support and resistance points. Please note this indicator is experimental and may not always function correctly. It works best with a lot of data,
Screenshot of CandleStick Pattern Detection & Emojis indicator
CandleStick Pattern Detection & Emojis 
Uses regular expressions to define and identify specific candlestick patterns. This JavaScript script employs a unique alphabet to mark different candle behaviors.
Screenshot of Daily Candles over Intraday Candles indicator
Daily Candles over Intraday Candles 
Displays daily candlestick data over intraday charts, highlighting daily trends. Bullish and bearish candles are color-coded for clarity.
Screenshot of GoNoGo Squeeze (Suite) indicator
GoNoGo Squeeze (Suite) 
GoNoGo Squeeze® is another proprietary indicator that identifies periods of reduced volatility. Industry analysts understand that after such periods a breakout may occur. The climbing grid in the lower panel illustrates these periods and the intensity of stagnation to the user.
Screenshot of Typical Volume by Time of Day indicator
Typical Volume by Time of Day 
Similar to the previous indicator but focuses solely on time of day, highlighting volume columns above the average for a given time. Suitable for intraday charts.
Screenshot of PE Ratio Comparison Indicator indicator
PE Ratio Comparison Indicator 
This indicator allows you to compare the Price/Earnings ratio for a particular symbol and display the comparison on the chart. It will only work on US listed equities that publish their earnings data so that it can be compared with the price.
Screenshot of MACD and RSI Momentum indicator
MACD and RSI Momentum 
The MACD & RSI Based Momentum indicator is a powerful tool that combines the insights of two of the most popular technical analysis tools: the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI). This indicator is designed to provide a nuanced view of market momentum and trend direction by analyzing the interplay […]
Screenshot of CandleStick Pattern Detection & Labeling indicator
CandleStick Pattern Detection & Labeling 
Identifies candlestick patterns based on color sequences, using regular expressions. It defines a custom alphabet for various candle behaviors.
Screenshot of Typical Volume (Time of Day + Day of Week) indicator
Typical Volume (Time of Day + Day of Week) 
This indicator shows volume histograms, highlighting columns that are above average for a specific time on a given day. It is suitable for intraday charts.
Screenshot of Anchored Percentile Line indicator
Anchored Percentile Line 
Anchors to a candle and calculates percentile lines (0, 25, 50, 75, 100%) from that point, visually representing price distribution with a cloud effect.
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