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Momentum Scalping VWAP Long 1-Hour Strategy

by TrendSpider Team
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Tailored for long positions using QQQ, this strategy operates on a 1-hour timeframe. It focuses on momentum scalping when the price breaks above the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP). Developed for an ETF, it might be suitable for similar trading products.

Entry Conditions

All of the following: # "Charlie"
  60min Relative Strength Index (14, 70, 30, close) > 45
  60min Chart(close) > 60min Volume Weighted Average Price (2, 0, hlc3)
  60min Chart(close) > 60min Exponential Moving Average (15, 0, close)

Exit Conditions

Take Profit Exit if gained more than 3.5% (after candle closes).
Stop Loss Exit if lost more than 0.5% (after candle closes).
Trailing Stop Trailing stop at 1% (after candle closes).

Developer Info