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Bollinger Band Breakout Long 1-Hour Strategy

by TrendSpider Team
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Tailored for long positions using AMD, this strategy employs a 1-hour timeframe. It focuses on breakouts through the upper Bollinger Band when the 20-day SMA trends above the 50-day SMA, setting a high risk/reward exit. Developed for a stock in an unspecified sector, it may be effective for other stocks with similar market behaviors.

Entry Conditions

All of the following: # "Echo"
  60min Chart Break Through 60min Bollinger Bands ® (20, 2, 2, 0, close), Up
  60min Exponential Moving Average (20, 0, close) > 60min Exponential Moving Average (50, 0, close)

Exit Conditions

Take Profit Exit if gained more than 15%.
Stop Loss Exit if lost more than 3%.

Developer Info