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Explore TrendSpider Market Scanners

Scanners are descriptions of market conditions and a list of symbols to search through to find which symbols currently express the selected conditions. Scanners can work across timeframes and use any type of data available in TrendSpider. Use them to find new trading ideas.
Screenshot of SMA Cross 5/12 Cross Scanner scanner
SMA Cross 5/12 Cross Scanner 
SMA Cross Scanner – 5/12 Cross: Searches for stocks or ETFs experiencing a 5/12 simple moving average crossover, which might suggest trend changes. This real-time scanner is applicable to any user-defined list.
Screenshot of 15min ORB Low Breakdown Scanner scanner
15min ORB Low Breakdown Scanner 
15min ORB Low Breakdown Scanner: Detects stocks or ETFs breaking down from the 15-minute opening range low, indicating bearish momentum. Users can run this scan in real-time on any chosen list.
Screenshot of Death Cross Recent 3-Candle Scanner scanner
Death Cross Recent 3-Candle Scanner 
Death Cross Scanner – Recent (3 Candles): Identifies stocks or ETFs that have recently experienced a death cross (50-day SMA crossing below 200-day SMA) within the last three candles, suggesting potential bearish trends. Users can run this scan in real-time on any chosen list.
Screenshot of 52 Week Low Scanner scanner
52 Week Low Scanner 
52 Week Low Scanner: Searches for stocks or ETFs making new 52-week lows, which may indicate strong bearish trends or potential reversal points. This scanner can be utilized in real-time on any user-defined universe.
Screenshot of Horizontal Channel Breakdown Scanner scanner
Horizontal Channel Breakdown Scanner 
Horizontal Channel Scanner – Break Down: This scanner detects real-time breakouts downwards from horizontal channels, potentially indicating a bearish shift. It can be applied to any list of stocks or ETFs.
Screenshot of Dividend Ex-Dividend Upcoming 3-Day Scanner scanner
Dividend Ex-Dividend Upcoming 3-Day Scanner 
Dividend Scanner – Ex-Dividend Upcoming (3 Days): Searches for stocks going ex-dividend in the next three days. This real-time scanner allows users to scan any chosen universe for stocks nearing their ex-dividend dates.
Screenshot of Descending Channel Breakout Scanner scanner
Descending Channel Breakout Scanner 
Descending Channel Scanner – Break Out: Searches for stocks or ETFs potentially breaking out upwards from descending channels in real-time, possibly signaling a trend reversal. This scanner is applicable to any user-defined list.
Screenshot of Positive Earnings Last 4 Quarters Scanner scanner
Positive Earnings Last 4 Quarters Scanner 
Positive Earnings Scanner – Last 4 Quarters: Searches for stocks that have reported positive earnings over the last four quarters. Users can run this real-time scan against any list to find consistently performing companies based on earnings.
Screenshot of Anchored VWAP Pinch Medium Term Scanner scanner
Anchored VWAP Pinch Medium Term Scanner 
Anchored VWAP Scanner – Pinch (Medium Term): Identifies medium-term convergences in the Anchored VWAP, suggesting potential intermediate trend shifts. Users can apply this real-time scanner to any chosen universe.
Screenshot of Analyst Action Recent Scanner scanner
Analyst Action Recent Scanner 
Analyst Action Scanner – Recent: This real-time scanner identifies stocks with recent analyst actions, such as upgrades, downgrades, or reiterations. It can be applied to any universe, providing insights into stocks currently under analyst scrutiny.
Screenshot of Vortex Indicator Bearish Extreme Scanner scanner
Vortex Indicator Bearish Extreme Scanner 
Vortex Indicator Scanner – Bearish Extreme: Detects stocks or ETFs showing bearish extremes in the Vortex Indicator, suggesting potential downtrends. Users can apply this scanner in real-time to any universe.
Screenshot of Sequential Count Buy Setup Scanner scanner
Sequential Count Buy Setup Scanner 
Sequential Count Scanner – Buy Setup: Identifies stocks or ETFs showing an 8 or 9 count in the Sequential Count setup, suggesting a potential buy opportunity. This real-time scanner can be utilized on any user-defined list.
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