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Screenshot of Stock Split Recent Scanner scanner
Stock Split Recent Scanner 
Stock Split Scanner – Recent: Detects stocks that have recently undergone a stock split. Users can utilize this real-time scanner on any universe to identify stocks experiencing a split.
Screenshot of Positive Earnings Last 4 Quarters Scanner scanner
Positive Earnings Last 4 Quarters Scanner 
Positive Earnings Scanner – Last 4 Quarters: Searches for stocks that have reported positive earnings over the last four quarters. Users can run this real-time scan against any list to find consistently performing companies based on earnings.
Screenshot of Trading Halt Recent 7-Day Scanner scanner
Trading Halt Recent 7-Day Scanner 
Trading Halt Scanner – Recent (7 Days): Identifies stocks that have experienced trading halts in the last seven days. Users can use this real-time scanner to find stocks that have had recent trading interruptions, applicable to any universe.
Screenshot of Analyst Upgrade Positive Reaction Scanner scanner
Analyst Upgrade Positive Reaction Scanner 
Analyst Upgrade Scanner – Positive Reaction: Identifies stocks in real-time that respond positively to analyst upgrades. Users can use this scanner on any chosen list to find stocks potentially defying market expectations following an upgrade.
Screenshot of FDA Approval News Recent Scanner scanner
FDA Approval News Recent Scanner 
FDA Approval News Scanner – Recent: This scanner detects stocks with recent FDA approvals, focusing on healthcare and biotech sectors. It operates in real-time and can be applied to any user-selected universe.
Screenshot of Government Investigation News Recent Scanner scanner
Government Investigation News Recent Scanner 
Government Investigation News Scanner – Recent: Identifies stocks recently involved in government investigations. This real-time scanner allows users to monitor potential impacts of such news on stock prices, applicable to any chosen list.
Screenshot of Dividend Ex-Dividend Upcoming 3-Day Scanner scanner
Dividend Ex-Dividend Upcoming 3-Day Scanner 
Dividend Scanner – Ex-Dividend Upcoming (3 Days): Searches for stocks going ex-dividend in the next three days. This real-time scanner allows users to scan any chosen universe for stocks nearing their ex-dividend dates.
Screenshot of Analyst Downgrade Positive Reaction Scanner scanner
Analyst Downgrade Positive Reaction Scanner 
Analyst Downgrade Scanner – Positive Reaction: Detects stocks showing a positive price reaction to analyst downgrades in real-time. This scanner allows users to apply the scan to any selected universe, identifying stocks that react contrary to analyst expectations.
Screenshot of Earnings Upcoming 7-Day Scanner scanner
Earnings Upcoming 7-Day Scanner 
Earnings Scanner – Upcoming (7 Days): Identifies stocks scheduled to report earnings in the next seven days. This real-time scanner can be used on any universe, helping users anticipate upcoming earnings reports.
Screenshot of Analyst Action Recent Scanner scanner
Analyst Action Recent Scanner 
Analyst Action Scanner – Recent: This real-time scanner identifies stocks with recent analyst actions, such as upgrades, downgrades, or reiterations. It can be applied to any universe, providing insights into stocks currently under analyst scrutiny.
Screenshot of Earnings Recent 7-Day Scanner scanner
Earnings Recent 7-Day Scanner 
Earnings Scanner – Recent (7 Days): Detects stocks that have reported earnings in the last seven days. Users can apply this real-time scanner to any selected list, identifying stocks with recent earnings announcements.