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TrendSpider Experimental

This collection contains a series of experimental indicators created by the TrendSpider team to offer new and unique perspectives on market behavior and price action.

Screenshot of Smoothed Heikin Ashi indicator
Smoothed Heikin Ashi 
This is a modified Heikin Ashi indicator, smoothed using moving averages to reduce noise and clarify trend direction. Implemented in JavaScript, it offers customizable smoothing lengths.
Screenshot of Per-session Volume-by-Price (VbP) indicator
Per-session Volume-by-Price (VbP) 
This script calculates per-session Volume By Price, using lower time frame data for distribution calculation. It features Point of Control and Value Area.
Screenshot of Moving Average Distance indicator
Moving Average Distance 
Measures the difference between two moving averages of a selected type and length, highlighting convergence and divergence. It is implemented in JavaScript.
Screenshot of Full Timeframe Continuity Candle Colors indicator
Full Timeframe Continuity Candle Colors 
This indicator analyzes the direction of price on numerous timeframes and then represents that in the form of candlestick coloring to make it easy to determine which direction the majority of timeframes point.
Screenshot of CandleStick Pattern Detection & Emojis indicator
CandleStick Pattern Detection & Emojis 
Uses regular expressions to define and identify specific candlestick patterns. This JavaScript script employs a unique alphabet to mark different candle behaviors.
Screenshot of Daily Candles over Intraday Candles indicator
Daily Candles over Intraday Candles 
Displays daily candlestick data over intraday charts, highlighting daily trends. Bullish and bearish candles are color-coded for clarity.
Screenshot of Typical Volume by Time of Day indicator
Typical Volume by Time of Day 
Similar to the previous indicator but focuses solely on time of day, highlighting volume columns above the average for a given time. Suitable for intraday charts.
Screenshot of CandleStick Pattern Detection & Labeling indicator
CandleStick Pattern Detection & Labeling 
Identifies candlestick patterns based on color sequences, using regular expressions. It defines a custom alphabet for various candle behaviors.
Screenshot of Typical Volume (Time of Day + Day of Week) indicator
Typical Volume (Time of Day + Day of Week) 
This indicator shows volume histograms, highlighting columns that are above average for a specific time on a given day. It is suitable for intraday charts.
Screenshot of Anchored Percentile Line indicator
Anchored Percentile Line 
Anchors to a candle and calculates percentile lines (0, 25, 50, 75, 100%) from that point, visually representing price distribution with a cloud effect.
Screenshot of Analyst Ratings over Time indicator
Analyst Ratings over Time 
This indicator plots a lower window that highlights the overall analyst ratings on the symbol over time. It will only work on US equities covered by stock market analysts and wirehouses.
Screenshot of News Articles per Daily Candle indicator
News Articles per Daily Candle 
This script visualizes the number of news records per day on a chart, highlighting days with above-average news volume. It is specifically designed for the daily timeframe.
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