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Track big options trades with Unusual Options Flow

Spot, filter and measure Unusual Options Flow like never before.

Real-time, high quality Unusual Options Flow data, monitoring, analysis and visualization is integrated directly into TrendSpider and available on all plans.

Track flow in real-time

Track unusual options flow in real-time

View and measure unusually large or aggressive directional options trade flow on any US listed stock in real-time.

Quantify unusual options without the noise

An options flow scanner unlike any other

Track options volume, trade size by strike price and expiration date to identify large directional bets on specific symbols and across the market itself

Visualize & filter powerful new way

Visualize & filter unusual options flow in a powerful new way

With TrendSpider's unusual options scatterplot charts and visualizations, you can easily identify the biggest bets with a passing glance.

Spot block trades & options sweeps in real time

Spot block options trades & options sweeps instantly as they happen

Large options trades that aggressively hit the bid or ask can indicate a big money directional bet.

Identify repeating options trades visually

Identify smaller repeating unusual options trades visually

Large trades are often executed in small chunks making them difficult to spot for retail traders. TrendSpider's option sweep scanner will find them for you.

Watch real time market-wide flow

Watch real time market-wide flow

Track flow across the whole market in real time with Data Flow. It's like a option flow scanner built into your charting platform.

A new, superior way to track unusual options flow activity

Unusual options activity can reveal large directional bets or hedges by large money players. Traders often look to this data to identify potential opportunities. The challenge with this type of analysis, is it can be difficult to spot and even more difficult to understand. TrendSpider makes it easy to find and analyze these large directional options trades using simple and powerful visualizations that are integrated directly into your charting platform.

Visualize unusual options activity with powerful and easy-to-read charts

Make sense of the noise and cut through the market's clutter by using TrendSpider's proprietary visualizations to quickly spot meaningful unusual option flow activity. Use the slider controls to adjust by expiration date, premium paid and strike price.

Quickly quantify and compare the size and direction of unusual options trades

TrendSpider will automatically sort, organize and list all unusual options trades that are detected for a specific symbol. In addition, it will generate background bar charts to help you compare the trades to each other. Using this, you can quickly spot the largest directional options bets visually right in the sidebar widget.

Make unusual options flow part your overall stock and option trading strategy

Watching options flow isn't a silver bullet. Nothing is. But it can be a very valuable tool to integrate into your overall trading strategy. If you see a chart that looks bullish to you, and the options flow confirms that there are many directional bets that agree with you, it can add conviction and confidence to your trading decisions.

Separate the meaningful options activity from the noise quickly and easily

Unusual options are large trades that are initiated typically by institutional traders, hedge funds or other professional investors. Two types of unusual options trades are identified by TrendSpider:

  • Options Block Trades. In this type of trade, the position size is compared to the average trade size for that particular contract, the trade volume makes up a meaningful portion of the open interest, the transaction has a minimum premium of $20,000 and is placed at the bid or ask for the contract.
  • Options Sweep Trades. In this transaction, a group of trades hits the tape within 250 milliseconds of each other that hit the bid or ask at least 75% of the time and have a minimum value of $20,000. This type of transaction suggests a high frequency directional bet.

Being able to quickly and easily identify these types of trades gives you a window into the mindset of "smart money" investors. When used with other forms of analysis, unusual options data can offer additional confirmation or cause for concern that you may otherwise miss.

Scan the whole stock market for real-time Unusual Options Flow on all symbols

Watch flow for the entire market, filter by expiration date, symbol, direction, at-or-out of the money position, type of trade and more, all in real time, all inside of TrendSpider. Build watch lists and discover new opportunities by keeping your Unusual Options Flow open in your bottom panel.

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See Unusual Options Flow in action

Watch our quick demonstration to see how the Unusual Options can level up your trading!

Flexible and customizable filtering

Filter unusual options contracts based on any criteria you can dream of. It's designed to be flexible and customizable so that you can always find what you want when you want it.

Integrated with the rest of TrendSpider

You can get Unusual Options data anywhere. What makes it special in TrendSpider is how it works with the rest of the platform. Unusual options is integrated into the market scanner, sidebar, and scripting system in the platform. Use it in combination with other conditions and technicals.