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Put your trading strategies on auto-pilot with Trading Bots

Turn any strategy into a fully automated bot that can do basically anything you want it to - without writing any code

Once you perfect your strategy with the Strategy Tester, you can launch it as a Trading Bot. Bots can be used to trigger posts to a discord or social media channel, send a signal to an order routing system, or anything else you can dream up.

Easy-to-use. No coding required

No coding skills required

You don't have to be a computer science major to use Trading Bot automation. You just have to be a trader.

Position aware. Can automate order placement

Always-on, position-aware

Trading Bots are both position aware and perpetually on so your strategies will never skip a beat.

Highly reliable & fault tolerant

Reliable and dependable

Trading Bots run in the cloud and never get distracted, need a break, or take a sick day, even if you do.

Building automated market driven workflows has never been easier

Creating fully automated strategies is no longer only for hedge funds and software engineers. With Trading Bots, anyone can do it without having to write a single line of code. Just define your buy and sell rules, run a backtest, and if you like what you see, launch a Trading Bot with the same strategy in minutes.

Anything you can do manually can be done automatically

Think of Trading Bots in TrendSpider as automation engines that allow you to automatically trigger an event when certain conditions from your trading strategies become true. For example, you could build a Trading Bot to post to a private Discord server, or to Twitter. You could also have your trading bot trigger an order routing system to place trades in one a real brokerage or exchange account.

Take your strategy to the next level by automating it

Trading Bots are designed to be highly customizable and flexible, so they can match your strategy exactly, whatever it may be. They will work on any timeframe from 15 minutes and up, and never expire - meaning they'll keep running until you turn them off. Since they're powered by a cloud-based system, you don't even have to keep TrendSpider open for your Trading Bots to be working.

Seamlessly integrated with Strategy Tester and Smart Charts

The best thing about TrendSpider is how all the features in the platform work together seamlessly, and Trading Bots are no different. They are built upon strategies developed by you in the Strategy Tester, and leverage the same cloud-based alerting system we use in other parts of the system to trigger. You can see the performance of your bots on any chart they are running on... everything just works, the way it should.

Extremely reliable with built-in customizable error handling

Nobody likes technical issues and quirks, but they happen. Trading Bots are designed to capture any errors that occur and notify you so that you are aware of the decisions and status of the bot at all times. For example, if your webhook provider goes down, and your Trading Bot is unable to send a signal, you will be notified immediately.

Automation does not mean giving up control. You're in the drivers seat at all times

You can run your Trading Bots in "dry mode" where they don't trigger any outside webhook actions or trades but report to you via text message or email every step of the way, or you can take your bots live by pointing them to webhooks that can be sent to an order routing tool to submit real orders. The choice is yours. You are always in control

Overall screenshot of the TrendSpider supported integrations.

Integrate your Trading Bots with any outside system that supports webhooks

Trading Bots can be used to trigger outside actions in any outside system that can accept a webhook signal. TrendSpider makes it easy to configure, you just copy and paste the webhook address and payload from the system and customize it to fit your needs. This way, you can build Trading Bots that post to a social media channel, or a private Discord, or send you an email, or connect to an order router that can place orders with your brokerage.

Diagram showing how SignalStack can be used to route orders from a signal source to a brokerage account

Automate order execution directly in your brokerage accounts

SignalStack, a TrendSpider company, offers a full automation plumbing layer to make it easy to connect any alert or trading bot to your brokerage account. This way, you can automatically place orders exactly at the moment your conditions become true, improving your trade efficiency and odds of success. No coding required.

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Watch TrendSpider's Trading Bots in action

See how pro traders monitor charts without sitting in front of a computer all day.

Easy-to-use even for non-technical people

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to fully automate your strategy, not anymore at least. With Trading Bots, you can convert any backtest into a live strategy in minutes. Unlike other automated trading tools, Trading Bots don't require you to learn how to write code to use.

Send alerts to any destination you want

Trading Bots are designed to automate strategies and send alerts bi-directionally in a position-aware manor. This means they can be used to power an automated trading bot, or automatically post to discord, or do anything else you can dream up. Use your imagination and let Trading Bots power it.

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Trading Bots Disclaimer: Trading Bots can be used for a lot of reasons, including, without limitation (i) sending notifications to you; (ii) posting in a private chat room or to social media; and (iii) fully automating order execution with a broker or exchange via web hooks. Safely using Trading Bots requires a level of skill and experience that not every individual will possess. Trading Bots can still be risky for skilled and experienced users. BY USING TRADING BOTS, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU KNOW, UNDERSTAND, AND APPRECIATE THE RISKS THAT ARE INHERENT IN THE USE OF THE PRODUCT AND NEVERTHELESS VOLUNTARILY AGREE TO ASSUME SUCH RISKS. You hereby forever release and discharge (and agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless) TrendSpider from any and all claims, demands, suits, causes of action and liabilities, costs, losses, expenses, and damages incurred by or brought or threatened against TrendSpider arising from or in connection with your use of Trading Bots, including, without limitation, those arising from errors, breaks, or downtime in TrendSpider's system or those of its vendors. You are responsible for monitoring your positions and Trading Bots at all times.