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Create, backtest & refine trading strategies

TrendSpider's advanced technology streamlines developing, testing, refining and launching custom rules-based trading strategies.

Try any strategy, on any asset, using any timeframe - without risking your capital

  • Experiment with simple or complex trading rules. Use any combination of conditions you can dream up.
  • Build strategies using natural language or simple point-and-click menus. Or, optionally, build custom indicators for your strategies using JavaScript.
  • Bring the power of hindsight into your corner by optimizing your strategies with 50 years of historical data.
  • Explore how your strategy behaves in different market conditions. Use the trial-and-error method to experiment with it, without taking on any risk.

Seamlessly transition from discretionary trading to strategic, systematic trading

  • Simplify your move from discretionary trading to rules-based systematic investing. Create conditions the same way you think about them.
  • Take the emotion, human error, hesitation and bias out of your trading decisions by defining your conditions ahead of time.
  • Make your trading decisions purely using defined rules, hard data, and probabilities.
  • Improve your performance by identifying and adjusting suboptimal trades that drag your results down.

Readily assess the viability, potential and effectiveness of any strategy

  • No-go flags tell you if the strategy has no mathematical chance of being profitable in the long run.
  • Price behavior explorer shows you where to focus in order to improve the strategy.
  • Estimate the potential for improvement in any given strategy by learning from its PBE and KPIs.

Measure your probability of success and explore ways to improve it

  • Compare the performance of your trading rules against buy-and-hold and a randomized control.
  • Track standard KPIs, like Sharpe and Sortino ratios to see how tweaking your rules can impact the performance of your strategy.
  • Pay attention to red flags and green flags in your tabular data to see if the odds of success are in your favor or not.
  • Distinguish between conditions which enhance or detract from your returns.

Improve the accuracy and timing of your opening trades to eliminate poor entry points

  • Determine if you’re entering your trades too late, too early, or at the right times.
  • Eliminate unprofitable entries from your strategy by adding filtering conditions.
  • Understand what the likely trajectory of your trades will be after entry before you place them.

Reduce chances of losing money by optimizing your closing trade executions

  • Determine if you need a Stop Loss or Take Profit order, and if so, the optimal placement for them.
  • Keep an eye on overall performance ratios such as risk and reward ratios and win rate.
  • Optimize the performance of your strategy to maximize profits on winning trades while reducing pain on losing ones.

Control your reward-to-risk ratio, optimize your probability of winning

  • Understand what is the margin of safety for a given strategy.
  • See PBE to learn how you can trade Rr for Win% (or vice versa) for a given strategy.
  • See PBE to learn whether you can control your Rr better by exiting sooner.
  • Kill losers early using multiple tools. See PBE to learn which tool makes sense in your case.

Run your backtests against multiple symbols and timeframes at once

  • Test the variance of your strategy across different assets and timeframes.
  • Customize scatter-plot charts with multiple dimensions to compare and contrast performance.
  • Gain valuable insights while saving significant time by streamlining the perviously process of strategy optimization.

Deploy your strategies as fully automated trading bots with confidence (no coding required)

  • Turn any strategy into a live Trading Bot with just a few clicks.
  • Bots can act as bi-directional, position-aware alerts, or can place trades on your behalf.
  • Reduce the emotional toll of trading by defining rules and following them automatically.

See it in action: Creating and testing strategies

Visually develop, test, refine your own trading strategies

You used to have to be a computer science major to backtest strategies automatically. The process would involve writing code, running the test, then editing the code, and repeating - until you found something you like. No more. TrendSpider's Strategy Tester makes it easy to visually create and test strategies for anyone - even if you aren't a programmer.

Use hindsight to your advantage with 40+ years of market data

Go back in time and see what would have happened in the past if you traded a specific way WITHOUT risking a penny of your capital. Having significant historical data at your fingertips gives you an advantage few other traders have. Create, refine and compare different strategies to each other. Perfect your trading method before you risk your capital on it. It's never been easier.

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