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Find better trading ideas, faster with Market Scanner

Instantly generate dynamic watchlists from technical criteria

Discover a better way to build your watchlists. Define your own technical and non-technical conditions, or choose one of more than 50 built-in scans, to automatically scour the market for the best trading opportunities in real-time.

Technical analysis search engine

Technical analysis search engine

Instantly scan for stocks across the entire market for any charts, on any timeframes, that match your conditions right now.

Find every needle in the haystack

Find every needle in the haystack

Discover trading ideas quickly by defining what to look for and where to look. Finding ideas for trades should not be difficult and time consuming.

Turn your scanner into a watchlist

Turn your scanner into a watchlist

Automate keeping your watchlist fresh and up-to-date with new trading ideas with the Market Scanner, directly in your sidebar.

Scan on Any Market

Scan for trading ideas in any market

The Market Scanner supports all markets including US equities, digital assets, and more.

Scan during extended market hours

Scan for stocks during the pre-market and after-hours sessions

Search for technical conditions anytime using both after-hours and primary session market data.

If you can describe a scenario to a fellow trader, you can scan for it on TrendSpider

Create complex scans using mixed technical and non-technical conditions, together. Combine conditions from different timeframes and data sources, in a single scan. Get fancy with it! For example, if you wanted to search the Russell 2000 for any stocks with 3 quarters of earnings growth, a bullish pattern on the 15 minute and Daily charts, a recent monthly golden cross, and a recent news article that mentions a specific government agency, you can. The sky really is the limit.

  • Price action
  • Candlestick patterns
  • Chart patterns
  • Indicators
  • Earnings dates & results
  • Dividend dates & yields
  • Splits
  • News articles
  • Analyst recommendations
  • Presence in a list

Scan using any combination of your favorite technical indicators

Looking for stocks in the S&P 500 where the 53-period hourly EMA has crossed above the 196-period daily SMA in the last 5 trading days, while RSI is overbought on the 15 minute chart? No problem! Mix-and-match any technical conditions using any indicators or combination of indicators together in a single scan. Best of all — it's all visual. No programming knowledge required.

Scan using data and conditions from multiple timeframes at once

Most scanners only support certain technical conditions on a single timeframe. TrendSpider's Market Scanner can search across any timeframe, from 1-minute to 1-month. You can even combine multiple timeframes together in a single scan to leverage the power of multi-timeframe analysis when generating your watchlists!

Over 600 Scanning Universes in Market Scanner

Describe your needle, then pick your haystack

Once you've created your scanner conditions, just select a universe to scan through. You can create your own by creating a watch list of symbols to scan through or use one of TrendSpider's 600+ Smart Watchlists instead.

  • 104 Crypto Exchange Universes
  • 9 Event Driven
  • 28 Index Lists
  • 149 Sector and Industry Lists
  • 12 Smart Social Lists

Run multiple scans at the same time with Dynamic Watchlists

Once you have created your favorite scanners, you can use them at the same time to find every opportunity. TrendSpider can even alert you if a symbol in one scan appears in another scan — an especially attractive opportunity.

A screenshot of the pre-made scanners and watch lists in TrendSpider

Dozens and dozens of pre-built scanner configurations, included

Several dozen pre-built scans are included with your TrendSpider account to help you get started quickly.

  • MACD Cross Scanner
  • Golden Cross/Cross of Death Scanner
  • Intraday Volume Rush Scanners
  • RSI Breakdown and Breakout Scanners
  • TTM Squeeze Breakout and Breakdown Scanners
  • Blue Raindrop (learn more) Scanners
  • Ichimoku Cloud Scanners
  • Alligator Hustle Scanners
  • And many, many more...
Access your TrendSpider Scanners from your mobile device

Take your TrendSpider Market Scanners with you, anywhere, anytime

TrendSpider Mobile allows you to quickly access any saved scanner, so you can look for opportunities even when you're not sitting at your computer.

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Market Scanner

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See the Market Scanner in action

Watch our quick demonstration to see how the Market Scanner can level up your trading!

Meet the Dynamic Watchlist - your new best friend

Use the Market Scanner to develop dynamic watch lists that automatically self-populate with charts matching your specific trading criteria. Stop manually searching for symbols or using complex, old-school style scanners to save time and avoid missing opportunities.

Incredibly flexible scanning conditions

Scan any universe of securities, from your own watch list to the Russell 2000, for any charts that match your specific conditions. Combine any set of indicators and timeframes into one conditional scan to generate a perfect watchlist in real-time. There is nothing else even remotely like it on the market today.