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Speed up your technical analysis with Automated Pattern Recognition

Powerful, flexible technical chart pattern recognition and detection tools, built by traders, for traders.

Save time and frustration by outsourcing chart analysis to TrendSpider's user-customizable, algorithmic Automated Technical Analysis tools. You define the rules, and TrendSpider does the work every time you switch tickers automatically.



Algorithm identifies every possible technical chart pattern, including trendlines, on your chart, and then filters them down to the most relevant based on your preferences.



Algorithm scans for the most recent completed move and measures a Fibonacci extension or retracement on the chart automatically..

Candlestick Patterns

Candlestick Patterns

Pattern recognition software tools identify over 200 different candlestick patterns on your charts in seconds.

Chart Patterns

Chart Patterns

Techncial analysis chart pattern detection instantly identifies complex chart patterns like triangles, double tops, double bottoms, channels, wedges, and more on your chart.

Support & Resistance

Support & Resistance

Heatmaps highlight possible zones of support and resistance on your charts autmoatically, identifying the most likely possible path of least resistance.

Price Gaps

Price Gaps

Specialized indicators detect price gaps, "fair value gaps", and other forms of support and resistance automatically using pattern recognition software.

Automated Anchoring

Automated Anchoring

User defined custom automated anchoring rules for any anchored cumulative indicators, such as Anchored VWAP and Anchored OBV and more.

Instantly identify mathematically precise trendlines on your charts with Automated Trendline Detection

TrendSpider Automated Trendline Detection is a layered algorithmic system designed to identify possible trendlines on charts in a consistent way. First, it identifies all possible lines on a chart. This is usually results in somewhere around 1,000 to 2,000 possible trendlines. Then, each line is analyzed to count how many bounces, touches, breaks, etc. it has experienced relative to price action. Finally, the resulting lines are analyized by two final filtering algorithms. These check for relevance and removes lines that are currently terminating too far from price action to matter anytime soon. Then a scoring process is run that utilizes user defined criteria to filter the lines down to the "most relevant". The resulting lines generally represent 1-2% of the initial pool.

Measure Fibonacci retracements and extensions instantly with Automated Fibonacci

Fibonacci is used by traders to project forward potential levels of interest by measuring the past. TrendSpider's automation engine can measure Fibonacci's on your chart, your way, automatically. The system will identify the most recent completed move that conforms best with your preferences and plot the measurement on the chart for you in seconds after loading the chart. Your fibs, your way.

Instantly spot simple candlestick patterns with Candlestick Pattern Recognition

TrendSpider can automatically detect more than 200 different candlestick patterns, including multi-candle patterns. This makes it easy for you to see if what you care about is present on a chart or not at a glance, and reduces the amount of time you have to stare at charts to check off items on your investment checklist. Candlestick Pattern Recognition is supported on charts, alerts, in scanners and smart checklists.

Visualize and scan for complex chart patterns with Chart Pattern Recognition

All new Chart Pattern Recognition brings TrendSpider's automated analysis capabilities to a new level. Here, you can identify charts for complex, fuzzy-logic based multi-factored chart patterns such as ascending triangles, double tops, double bottoms, and more, fully automatically. Not only that, but you can also scan for complex patterns and even utilize them in your Smart Checklists.

  • Triangles (Ascending, Descending and Symmetrical)
  • Double Tops and Bottoms
  • Channels (Rising, Falling, Horizontal)(coming soon)
  • Head & Shoulders (and inverse) (coming soon)
  • Wedges (Rising and Falling) (coming soon)
  • Saucers (and inverse)(coming soon)
  • Cup & Handle (and inverse)(coming soon)

Identify support and resistance levels with Price Action Heatmaps

Support and resistance-based Price Action Heatmaps are an experimental feature in TrendSpider that attempts to identify different areas of support and resistance on the chart using three different methods. This data is then illustrated on the chart with shaded red zones (not precise levels) so that traders can get a sense for where possible support and resistance is.

Types of Price Action Heatmaps:

  • Trends Heatmap: Identifies areas where trendlines intersect as potential future points of support and resistance.
  • Depth Heatmap: Attempts to identify the "path of least resistance" for price on a given chart by attempting to identify areas with little possible trendline resistance relative to other parts of the chart
  • Horizontal Heatmap: Attempts to identify possible support and resistance levels by looking for areas where there is a small range with numerous highs (from green candles) and lows (from red candles) in one tight area.

Quickly spot price and value gaps with Automated Gap Detection

TrendSpider features several proprietary indicators designed to identify both price and value gaps on charts automatically. These indicators include Gap Detection, Gap Snake, Fair Value Gaps, and others. TrendSpider Automated Gap Detection indicators are scannable and can be used across the platform from charts to Smart Watchlists.

Types of Gap Detection:

  • Gap Snake for current continuous gaps: The Gap Snake is a proprietary indicator built into TrendSpider that detects the most recent active gap on your chart and highlights it for you. It can be used in scanning, alerting, and more.
  • Gap Detector for all open gaps: The Gap Detector is a proprietary indicator in TrendSpider designed to identify all currently open gaps on your chart, within user defined parameters.
  • Fair Value Gap price movements: The Fair Value Gap concept is popular with traders on social media. It aims to identify areas where price moved in one direction with minimal resistance along the way. This generally is a candle with a long body sandwiched between two other candles with long wicks.

Automatically anchor cumulative indicators to key dates and events with Auto-Anchoring

TrendSpider is known for robust anchoring capabilities for a range of volume and cumulative indicators, but it is less known that TrendSpider offers fully automated anchoring on all these indicators. You can choose to anchor in a variety of ways. When you pull up a chart with an auto-anchored indicator on it, the system will instantly tabulate the anchor point and drop the indicator on it. This can save you time.

Auto-anchoring options:

  • Highest Volume in X candles
  • Highest high in X candles
  • Lowest low in X candles
  • Most recent Blue Raindrop
  • Most recent gap of X ATR or more
  • Date, week, month, quarter and year-to-date

Auto-anchored indicators:

  • Anchored VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price)
  • Anchored OBV (On Balance Volume)
  • Anchored VbP (Volume-by-Price, also known as Volume Profile)
  • Anchored A/D (Advanced/Decline)
  • More coming soon!

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