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Level up your technical analysis with Smart Charts

Save time, avoid mistakes and make better trading decisions

TrendSpider was built by traders to automate the most tedious parts of technical analysis. That way, you can find more opportunities, avoid costly mistakes, and improve your trading.

Game-changing automation tools

Game-changing automation tools

Comprehensive, fully-automated technical analysis for any security in less than 60 seconds.

Fast, customizable web-based charts

Fast, customizable web-based charts

Designed and built by traders to be fast, efficient, and customizable to execute any strategy.

Designed for technical analysis

Designed for technical analysis

All the indicators, tools, and features that you need to be an effective and profitable technical trader.

Powerful organizational tools

Powerful organizational tools

Manage watch lists in a whole new way with TrendSpider enhanced watchlist organization tools

600+ smart watch lists

600+ smart watch lists

TrendSpider comes with over 600 system generated watch lists, including dynamic lists such as Wall Street Bets lists, market halt lists, and more.

Multiple charting workspaces

Multiple charting workspaces

Multiple workspaces allow you to do more at one time. From diving into specific symbols, to monitoring the market

Charts - and so much more. Specialized software tools for technical traders

TrendSpider is the only charting platform designed from the ground up for technical analysts and traders. Enjoy a robust charting with a wide range of automated, cloud-based tools designed to save you time and make your life easier.

  • Reduce routine grunt work and save timeSpot hard-to-find patterns and trends that you might otherwise miss.
  • Minimize biases, human errors and emotional influence.
  • Improve overall reliability and consistency of your analysis.
  • Move faster and cover more ground each day.

Everything you need and expect, and so much more.

TrendSpider is a professional-grade, modern platform with all the bells and whistles you need - and many you didn't even know existed such as our Raindrop Charts™ and Anchored Volume indicators.

  • Real-time market data and 20+ years of historical data included (no additional charges for data)
  • Powerful, proprietary visualizations such as heatmaps, Raindrop Charts, and anchored indicators
  • Hundreds of indicators and studies includedIntegrated multi-timeframe analysis on charts, alerts, backtests and scanners
  • Built-in automated chart analysis algorithms for trendlines, Fibonacci levels, and more
  • 100% web based with no software to download or install
  • Customizable colors and appearance
  • And much, much more...
An illustration showing the difference between Raindrop Charts and other common chart types

Supporting a wide range of chart styles - including our proprietary Raindrop Charts™

  • Line Charts
  • Japanese Candlesticks
  • Hollow Candlesticks
  • Traditional Price Bars
  • Heiken Ashi
  • Raindrop Charts™ (learn more)

Multi-Symbol View lets you keep an eye on the forest and the trees at the same time

With Multi-Symbol View, you can monitor up to 16 different assets in a single workspace, each with customized charts, full drawing capability, full auxiliary data support, and everything else that makes TrendSpider so powerful. Create custom workspaces that fit your trading style with ease.

Smart Checklists give you at-a-glance "green light" and "red light" analysis without the squinting

Create customized Smart Checklists that automatically check every condition you care about, including indicators, earnings, dividends, splits, technical conditions, price action, volume, candle patterns, and more, and generate an easy-to-read, color-coded checklist for you - so you know, in a single glance, if your conditions exist or not.

See how Smart Checklists are created in this 90 second video

An illustration of the TrendSpider mobile platform on iPhone devices

Access your TrendSpider charts from anywhere

With native TrendSpider Mobile, you'll never feel disconnected from your charts. The app is designed to be fast, easy and smooth, so you can quickly check what matters to you, and get on with your day.

An collage of the TrendSpider Chrome Extension screenshots

Access charts seamlessly and effortlessly as you browse the web

TrendSpider Chrome Extension helps you work more smoothly by integrating live, real-time charts directly from your TrendSpider account into any website as you browse the web. Just put your mouse over any green ticker to see the chart popup instantly.

Get TrendSpider extension in Chrome Web Store

Automated Technical Analysis

Technology designed to help you guess and stress less

Save time and frustration with TrendSpider's algorithm-powered automated technical analysis capabilities. Smart Charts analyze and watch themselves using powerful, cloud-based algorithms and machine learning — giving you time to breathe!

See Plans & Pricing

Smart charts that automate the grunt work of trading

Stop drawing and re-drawing trendlines over and over. Stop flipping back and forth between different timeframes. Stop squinting at charts trying to identify meaningful patterns.

Reduce mistakes, save time, and eliminate guesswork

Replace subjective manual analysis with objective automated analysis to save time, reduce the potential for errors, and improve the quality of your trading decisions.

Automated technical analysis tools

  • Automatic trendline detection
  • Automatic Fibonacci
  • Breakout detection
  • Candlestick pattern recognition
  • Support and resistance detection

Premium indicators and visualizations

  • Anchored Volume-by-Price
  • Alphatrends Anchored VWAP
  • Support & Resistance Heatmaps
  • Gap Detection

Multi-Timeframe Analysis

Identify trends and patterns that other traders miss

See the forest — and the trees — all at once. Multi-timeframe analysis brings it all into view, from hidden trendlines to support and resistance zones. No other platform even comes close.

Combine data from multiple timeframes in a single chart, backtest or scan

Long-term trends have a significant impact on short-term price action. Rather than comparing multiple timeframes manually, multi-timeframe analysis enables you to see and use data (such as trendlines and indicators) from multiple timeframes on the same chart, scanner or alert. Let our advanced MTFA algorithms do all of the heavy lifting!

Multi-timeframe supported on all features

  • Charting
  • Trendlines, Fibonacci studies and SR zones
  • All indicators, including oscillators
  • Anchored indicators, such as aVWAP
  • Market Scanners
  • Dynamic and Multi-Factor Alerts

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See Smart Charts in action

Watch our demonstration to see some of the TrendSpider platform's best features in practice.

All-in-one integrated platform

No other charting platform combines all of the tools you need to be a successful trader into one, fully integrated solution. Only TrendSpider automates analysis, monitors charts, test strategies and scans the market for you. Rather than subscribing to a charting tool, backtesting tool, scanner and alert engine, you can subscribe to a single, cutting-edge platform!

Powerful, time-saving automation tools

TrendSpider reduces grunt work to save you time and reduce eyestrain. You don’t have to worry about starting at a wall of charts and trying to find patterns by hand — our cloud-based technology automatically monitors all of your charts for specific patterns across any timeframe and customizable multi-factor alerts make it easy to spot any opportunities.