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Improve your trading strategies with Strategy Tester

Perfect your trading strategies with 20+ years of historical data

Improve your trading results by improving your strategies using our easy-to-use, chart-based backtesting tool. Create technical buy and sell rules without knowing how to write code.

Easy-to-use. No coding required

Design buy-and-sell strategies using an intuitive, web-based, easy-to-use, 100% visual interface.

Explore your ideas, your way

Combine indicators, price action, chart patterns, volume and more to build custom strategies.

Reduce risk and improve outcomes

Avoid strategies that would have underperformed and focus on high-probability opportunities.

All the benefits of trial-and-error strategy development, without the risk and frustration

You don’t have to be a bank or hedge fund to backtest trading strategies. Leverage the same technology used by professional traders to effortlessly build and test your own strategies from your TrendSpider account. Since it's fully integrated into your TrendSpider charts, you don’t need to buy or learn any other tools or technologies.

The most robust backtesting solution available to retail traders today

The most robust backtesting solution available to retail traders today

  • Easy-to-use, visual interface - no programming required.Test on any timeframe, from 1-minute to monthly.
  • Supports both long and short strategies.Realistic trade-by rules to mimic real life trading.
  • Mix-and-match any combination of technical indicator, price action, chart pattern, volume, or time-based conditions you can dream of.
  • See if your strategies stand the test of time by backtesting with over 20+ years of historical market data.
  • Robust performance charts that show if your strategy beats the market or not.
  • Plot your buy and sell directly on your chart, download your trade log, and view robust online reports.
  • Convert any backtest condition into a live alert with a single click — so you can find the next opportunity.

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Strategy Tester

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Meet the Dynamic Watchlist - your new best friend

Use the Market Scanner to develop dynamic watch lists that automatically self-populate with charts matching your specific trading criteria. Stop manually searching for symbols or using complex, old-school style scanners to save time and avoid missing opportunities.

Incredibly flexible scanning conditions

Scan any universe of securities, from your own watch list to the Russell 2000, for any charts that match your specific conditions. Combine any set of indicators and timeframes into one conditional scan to generate a perfect watchlist in real-time. There is nothing else even remotely like it on the market today.