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Understand the context behind the charts with Alternative Data & Insights

Non-technical data made useful for technical traders.

Combine technical and fundamental analysis in a seamless way with Asset Insights, a set of tools that provide quick, visual access to non-technical trading right on your charts.

Analyst Actions

Analyst Actions

Indicator or contra-indicator? That's up to you. View Analyst recommendations in a new light with Analyst Action Stacking visualizations.

Market Breadth

Market Breadth

Market breadth data allows you to measure the overall bias of any index or sector

Insider Trades

Insider Trades

See exactly what corporate insiders are up to, when they buy shares of their own company, and when they sell them.

Benzinga® News

Benzinga® Pro Headlines

TrendSpider now comes with Benzinga® News Headlines integrated into your charts on the side-bar. Customize and filter as you please.

Price Seasonality

Price Seasonality

Some assets behave differently in the winter than they do in the summer. It's remarkably consistent, and TrendSpider makes it easy to see.

Earnings Data

Earnings Data

See past and future earnings dates on your charts, complete with the EPS and comparison against the previous year.

Dividends Feed

Dividends Feed

See robust information about corporate dividends directly on your chart, your way as an overlay.

Splits & Reverse Splits

Splits & Reverse Splits

Use the industries most powerful and functional visualization for highlighting stock spits and reverse splits on your charts.



TrendSpider automatically displays FINRA Reg SHO Short volume data in the platform so you can measure short positions in any US traded equity

Retail Social Chatter

Retail Social Chatter

Automatically track the symbols that retail investors are discussing on Reddit

NASDAQ Retail Trading Data

NASDAQ Retail Trading Data

See what percentage of trading volume on NASDAQ from retail traders vs. institutional ones

Dark Pool Trading Data

Dark Pool Trading Data

Track over-the-counter (OTC) trades that take place outside of a broker or exchange automatically on a weekly basis in TrendSpider

Crypto Fear & Greed Data

Crypto Fear & Greed Data

Track the fear & greed dynamic in the cryptocurrency market directly on your TrendSpider charts

Federal Reserve Economic Data

FRED, meet TrendSpider

Powerful access to over 5,000 public data sets from the Federal Reserve Economic Data directly on your charts

Non-technical context for technical traders

Through the Price Seasonality tool, you can easily spot the historical likelihood that an asset may appreciate or depreciate in price during a specific month of the year. Through the Analyst Estimates tool, you can quickly correlate analyst actions against price action to see who is worth listening to, who is worth ignoring, and who is worth opposing.

Analyze market breadth by index, sector and industry

Market breadth means measuring the percentage of assets in a list (such as a sector or industry list) that meet a specific criteria (for example: trading above the 50 period SMA.) This allows you to understand the context in which the asset you are watching is moving.

Supported Market Breadth metrics:

  • % of Stocks Above SMA(50)
  • % of Stocks Above SMA(200)
  • % of Stocks Advancing vs Declining
  • % of Stocks making new 14, 21 or 64 day highs
  • % of Stocks making new 14, 21 or 64 day lows

Track insider, executive, director and major owner trading

See what corporate executives, founders, senior executives, major owners (including early investors) are doing with their shares so you can inform your own decisions with theirs. There is no easier way to visualize this data than TrendSpider's new Insider Trading widget.

Access Benzinga® Pro News Headlines

TrendSpider has a deep relationship with with Benzinga, using their data to in several different areas of TrendSpider. Part of our deal with them brings you access to their Pro News headlines right in your TrendSpider side bar - for free.

Access public Federal Reserve Economic Data

TrendSpider has integrated feeds for over 5,000 data sets from the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) program. You can access this data alongside many additional types of alternative data in the Other Data menu.

Measure price, volume and momentum seasonality by hour, day, week and month

Markets move in cycles - and often these cycles repeat periodically. TrendSpider is the only trading platform with integrated seasonality. The tool offers an unmatched capability to quickly identify periods of time when assets perform well or don’t. Slice by Hour of Day, Day of Week, Week of Year, Month of Year, filter to include or exclude any dates you wish, and measure price performance, volatility, and more - all in a simple, handy, powerful widget directly on your charts.

Supported Seasonality metrics:

  • Price: Change and volatility
  • Volume: Relative volume
  • Momentum: RSI and MFI
  • Strength: Distance from SMA 20, 50 and 100

Integrated earnings, dividends and splits

Get visibility into corporate events and actions like earnings releases, dividends, splits and reverse splits right on your chart with the click of a button. See how price reacts to various events and plan your trades accordingly!

View FINRA short volume data

TrendSpider displays the FINRA Reg SHO reported Short Volume for every asset that FINRA regulate and tracks and allows you to plot this data on your chart. While this is not the same thing as short interest, it can provide useful clues about the internet short sellers have in particular assets at particular points in time.

Track which symbols are popular on Wall Street Bets

Our advanced algorithms monitor Reddit and other social communities to track which symbols participants are discussing most. This data is then filtered down and used to generate timescale interest charts as well as smart watch lists for you to browse.

Access retail volume data to measure what's popular with retail investors

TrendSpider taps directly into NASDAQ Retail Trading Data to bring you a quick way to visualize exactly how much retail trading activity is taking place in any particular stock on any particular day. It's a powerful metric to watch, especially if you're looking at a meme stock.

Measure the fear and greed in the crypto market

Two emotions drive market activity more than any other: Fear and Greed. Using the new TrendSpider crypto fear & greed indicator will give you a way to see how fearful or greedy the cryptocurrency market is feeling at the moment. This can help you time moves in the market more accurately as price tends to reverse at extreme levels of fear or greed.

Track off-exchange dark pool and alternative trading system (ATS) trading from FINRA

TrendSpider automatically tabulates and charts the percentage of trading activity on most US-based equities that takes place over-the-counter (meaning, not via a broker or exchange) and tabulates this data for you on a weekly basis.

TrendSpider makes non-technical data useful for technical traders by visualizing it on charts in a familiar way

Simply providing the data to you is one thing - making it useful for you is a whole different story. TrendSpider makes it easy to become a techno-fundamental trader by integrating both sides of the equation together right on your charts. That way, you can visualize it in the same way that you would visualize technicals. This makes it easy to understand and put to work quickly.

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Alternative Data & Insights

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See Alternative Data & Insights in action

Watch our quick demo of how techno-fundamental analysis can enhance your trading

Empower yourself to be a Techno-Fundamental Trader: The intersection of technical analysis and fundamental analysis

Too many traders focus entirely on technical analysis, or entirely on fundamental analysis. We believe that there is a plcae for both styles to co-exist and compliment each other in order to increase the odds that traders make money in the markets. The unique tools in Asset Insights are designed to help you do just that in the most natural way possible.

Fundamental data does not have to be overwhelming - it can be easy-to-use and easy-to-understand

There is no easier way for a technical trader to improve their trading than to incorporate some fundamental data into their thinking - but doing so often requires understanding corporate financial statements a going well outside of the charts. TrendSpider visualizes fundamental data in a natural way so that you can quickly glance it, as you would an indicator, and get the gist.