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Never miss an opportunity with Dynamic Alerts

Create alerts for any combination of indicators and timeframes

Never miss an opportunity by letting TrendSpider automatically monitor your charts for you. Combine any technical indicator, chart pattern or drawing across multiple timeframes to create powerful alerts without writing a single line of code.

Automated chart monitoring

Automated chart monitoring

Professional-grade technology designed to automatically monitor charts and send you instant alerts.

Reliable, fast notifications

Reliable, fast notifications

Receive real-time alerts whenever your conditions trigger via e-mail, SMS and in-app notifications.

Improve your trade timing

Improve your trade timing

Improve your trade timing and performance by letting the market come to you.

Create simple or complex alerts

Create simple or complex alerts

TrendSpider offers multiple different types of alerts, ranging from single condition alerts, to complex multi-condition alerts.

Alerts never look away - so you can

Alerts never look away - so you can

TrendSpider cloud-based alerts are always watching, even when you're distracted. Never miss anything important again!

Build workflows around your alerts

Build workflows around your alerts

Use Webhooks to trigger outside systems when your alerts go off. Works with anything - from a discord bot, to an order execution system

Create alerts for any indicator, trendline or Fibonacci level. Just right-click on it

Dynamic Price Alerts monitor charts the same way that you would — by looking for visual cues — the only difference is that you don’t have to sit in front of a computer screen. Our patent-pending technology watches for specific events like bounces or breakouts, waits for confirmation and instantly alert you when the right conditions exist.

  • Receive alerts for any touch, bounce or breakthrough affecting any indicator, Fibonacci level or trendline.
  • Adjust sensitivity by defining a buffer zone around the line(s) you’re monitoring.
  • Control noise with native multi-timeframe capability, enabling alerts to fire from a second, shorter timeframe.

Build alerts for complex technical criteria without knowing how to write code

Avoid being faked out by errant candlestick wicks or market noise by using customizable alerts that follow multiple trigger criteria at once, notifying you only when specific logic criteria is met. You can replicate these custom alerts across as many symbols as you want.

  • Simple and easy-to-use. No programming required.
  • Extremely powerful and flexible. You can quickly express almost any trading strategy involving any combination of technical indicators and timeframes.
  • Integrated directly into charting, backtesting and scanning.
An illustration of a received alert on a mobile device

Ultra-reliable SMS, e-mail and in-app alert notifications

Instantly receive an alert via SMS text message, e-mail, and in-app notifications when your technical conditions are met. Since TrendSpider lives in the cloud, it doesn't matter if you even have the system open on your computer. Each alert is synced to the market up to 9,000 times per day to deliver fast and accurate notifications.

An illustration of the TrendSpider Mobile Application open on iPhones

Receive your TrendSpider alerts via Push Notification

TrendSpider can send your alerts to you in a variety of ways. With TrendSpider Mobile can now receive your alert notifications via cellular push, meaning you will receive them at whiplash inducing speeds. Why? Because you should never left in the dark just because you stepped away from your desk.

Overall screenshot of the TrendSpider supported integrations.

Integrate your Alerts with any outside system that supports webhooks

Alerts can be used to trigger outside actions in any outside system that can accept a webhook signal. TrendSpider makes it easy to configure, you just copy and paste the webhook address and payload from the system and customize it to fit your needs. This way, you can build Alerts that post to a social media channel, or a private Discord, or send you an email, or connect to an order router that can place orders with your brokerage.

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Dynamic Alerts Documentation

Dynamic Alerts

Read our archive of how-to articles to get quick answers to common questions about TrendSpider.

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Watch TrendSpider's Dynamic Alerts in action

See how pro traders monitor charts without sitting in front of a computer all day.

Easy-to-use and intuitive interface

Visually create alerts by right-clicking on any indicator or trend line without ever writing a single line of code. TrendSpider’s Dynamic Alerts will monitor the chart for you — from the cloud — and let you know the moment something interesting happens. There’s no need to sit in front of a computer all day trying to monitor multiple charts at once.

Fully-integrated into backtesting

Don't settle for just being alerted the next time your conditions are met — use the integrated Strategy Tester to see how your alerts would have performed using 27 years of price data. Quickly spot check your strategies on any asset before creating alerts to increase your odds of success and avoid underperforming strategies.