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Professional-Grade Trading & Market Research Software That Won't Break the Bank

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Essential technology for casual market participants and part-time traders.
$107.00 /month
$53.50/month x 12
Pay $1,284 $642 /year
  • 1 User License Need more?
  • 3 Active Windows
  • 30 Simultaneous Alerts
  • 30 Max Alert Lifetime
  • 5 Simultaneous Trading Bots
All-in-one platform for market analysts, active traders, and full-time investors.
Most popular
$197.00 /month
$98.50/month x 12
Pay $2,364 $1,182 /year
  • 1 User License Need more?
  • 10 Active Windows
  • 100 Simultaneous Alerts
  • 90 Max Alert Lifetime
  • 30 Simultaneous Trading Bots
High capacity access for professional portfolio managers and traders.
$447.00 /month
$223.50/month x 12
Pay $5,364 $2,682 /year
  • 1 User License Need more?
  • 15 Active Windows
  • 400 Simultaneous Alerts
  • 365 Max Alert Lifetime
  • 100 Simultaneous Trading Bots

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Market Data
US Stocks & ETFs (real-time)
US Futures (real-time)
+ $7.50/month+ $90/year
US Indexes (delayed)
Global Crypto (real-time)
Global FX (real-time)
Global Indexes (real-time)
Contextual Data
Charting & Analysis
Idea Generation
Strategy Development
Trade Timing
Power User Tools
Advanced Features
Support & Training
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You're in good company: Powerful enough for institutions, accessible to retail, easy-to-use for all

TCM Wealth Advisors
Bollinger Capital Management
Cestrian Capital Research, Inc
ARK Invest
Leazar Capital
Vortex Fund
Ridge Run Partners
Edward Jones
FusionPoint Capital
Lupton Capital
EightOne Capital
And 100s more

Loved by tens of thousands of traders worldwide

15,000+ Customers 65,000+ Assets AVG RATING: 4.5 / 5 STARS
Picture of Benzinga
"TrendSpider offers a unique range of tools and a stellar host of customization options that intermediate to advanced traders can use to enhance trading."
Picture of Steve Burns
Steve Burns Professional Trader and Owner of
"I believe TrendSpider Raindrop Charts are the biggest advance in visual charting since Steve Nison brought candlesticks back from Japan."
Picture of Warrior Trading
Warrior Trading
“Where TrendSpider really stands out from the competition, however, is in its robust alert system tied to its generated technical indicators.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does TrendSpider cost what it costs?

TrendSpider is a truly professional-grade trading platform that combines hundreds of investing tools into one streamlined solution. Our pricing reflects the comprehensive and premium nature of the product, its data feeds, advanced analysis capabilities, and robust automation tools. Unlike other products on the market, TrendSpider is an all-in-one solution, meaning it effectively replaces the need for several tools, which, if purchased separately, would be more costly. We strive to provide a powerful, consolidated tool that enhances your trading efficiency and effectiveness, offering exceptional value for your investment.

Can I get a free trial before I purchase a plan?
How do I know which plan is best for me?
How can I change plans or cancel my subscription?
Are there additional charges for market data or other services?
What if I encounter difficulties using TrendSpider?
Can I make payments with cryptocurrency? What payment methods are supported?
What is TrendSpider's refund policy?
Is TrendSpider a downloadable application or a web-based application?
Does TrendSpider work on mobile phones or tablets?
What happens if my payment method fails during a renewal?
What if I am a professional trader or investor?
Can I change my subscription option at any time?
What security measures are in place to protect my account and data?
How often are software updates and new features released?

More goodies from the TrendSpider team

Access TrendSpider on your phone or in your Chrome, automate your order execution, and more.

$AAPL Example Chart Apple
Hover over any green symbol to see the chart

Chrome Extension

Quickly pop-up a live chart from TrendSpider anytime you come across a symbol on the web.
SignalStack - Broker order router

Automate Order Execution

SignalStack is a automation tool that makes it easy to connect your strategy alerts to your brokerage account. No coding required.
Trader's Bill of Rights: Service Level Agreement

Trader's Bill of Rights SLA

Trading is hard enough. Your trading platform stability and reliability should be the last thing you need to worry about.

Mobile Apps

Take TrendSpider with you anywhere you go with our native Android and iPhone applications.
A screenshot showing the mobile TrendSpider interface A screenshot showing the mobile interface with Raindrop Charts