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TradeZero x TrendSpider

Sign up at TradeZero for complimentary or discounted access to TrendSpider.

TradeZero is a TrendSpider Access Partner. Through this program, you may get complimentary or discounted access to TrendSpider as part of your relationship with TradeZero. Certain conditions may apply. Please contact TradeZero for more information.

  • Some of our Access Partners are brokerages. Choosing a broker is hard, and we hope this program makes it easier for you. When you work with a TrendSpider Access Partner broker and meet their program conditions, you will be able to get access to TrendSpider at a discount or free, depending on their offer!
  • Receive Special Benefits from both TrendSpider and TradeZero when you signup through this partnership offer.


Commission Free Trading, Extensive Short Locates & 24/7 Customer Support

TradeZero is an award-winning broker and one of the first to offer commission-free trading. As a specialist short selling broker, it provides extensive access to locates, particularly focused on providing small cap inventory. It offers 24/7 customer support, 4AM - 8PM trading and professional tools at affordable prices. This includes a brand-new mobile app which empowers the user to locate stocks, monitor positions in real-time and trade on the go.

2020 & 2021 Benzinga Global Fintech Award
 – Best Brokerage for Short Selling.

TradeZero Requirements

  • USACanadian & International accounts welcome.
  • US Residents can open an account with $2,500
  • US Residents require a $25,000 account to trade without Pattern Day Trading restriction.
  • Residents outside of the US can open an account with $500. Residents outside the US are not subject to Pattern Day Trading restrictions.

What separates TradeZero from the rest?

  • Affordable pricing.
    • Commission free trading
    • Three months of free platform access for TrendSpider customers.
    • Competitive locate pricing on premium stocks.
  • Innovative, patent-pending locate service.
    • Innovative e-locate service,
    • Access to premium locates with extensive small cap inventory,
    • Recoup some of your initial locate costs when selling back unused or no longer needed locates through our patent-pending technology.
  • Advanced Order Routing
    • US Residents can select trading routes.
    • If US Residents add liquidity, TradeZero will still pass on the rebate potentially creating a net surplus. (TZA requires a minimum amount of equity to be able to choose the direct routing option, not every client can choose their route. Feel free to drop us a note at  and we will be happy to help you open a direct routing account.)
  • Exceptional Customer Service
    • 24/7 dedicated round-the-clock support available 365 days a year.
    • Dedicated phone support always available from 8AM - 5PM (EST)