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Lime Trading x TrendSpider

Sign up at Lime Trading for complimentary or discounted access to TrendSpider.

Lime Trading is a TrendSpider Access Partner. Through this program, you may get complimentary or discounted access to TrendSpider as part of your relationship with Lime Trading. Certain conditions may apply. Please contact Lime Trading for more information.

  • Some of our Access Partners are brokerages. Choosing a broker is hard, and we hope this program makes it easier for you. When you work with a TrendSpider Access Partner broker and meet their program conditions, you will be able to get access to TrendSpider at a discount or free, depending on their offer!
  • Receive Special Benefits from both TrendSpider and Lime Trading when you signup through this partnership offer.

Lime Trading

If you have trading experience, you know better than to accept lagging technology, missed liquidity-taking opportunities, or hands-off customer support. Serious traders need a brokerage firm that supports their demanding trading needs.

Our founders were hedge fund traders who couldn’t find a brokerage firm to meet their needs for volume, speed, and privacy — so they created one. For over 20 years Lime catered to a competitive group of financial institutions, and now is expanding access to independent traders who value quality execution.

You’ve spent years developing your strategy. Don’t let your choice of broker undermine your performance.

Key Competitive Advantages
-Agency broker, unconflicted and does not operate in a dark pool, internalize trades, or have prop trading.
-Offers Direct Market Access (DMA) to give you control over what venues your orders are routed to.
-Market agnostic with transparent pricing and an unbiased algorithm so you can optimize your order fills.

For more information on account and guidelines please visit - Frequently Asked Questions
Geographic guidelines can be found here


Securities are offered by Lime Trading Corp., member FINRA & SIPC, NFA. All investing incurs risk, including but not limited to loss of principal. Further information may be found on our Disclosures Page.