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Lightspeed x TrendSpider

Sign up at Lightspeed for complimentary or discounted access to TrendSpider.

Lightspeed is a TrendSpider Access Partner. Through this program, you may get complimentary or discounted access to TrendSpider as part of your relationship with Lightspeed. Certain conditions may apply. Please contact Lightspeed for more information.

  • Some of our Access Partners are brokerages. Choosing a broker is hard, and we hope this program makes it easier for you. When you work with a TrendSpider Access Partner broker and meet their program conditions, you will be able to get access to TrendSpider at a discount or free, depending on their offer!
  • Receive Special Benefits from both TrendSpider and Lightspeed when you signup through this partnership offer.


What Makes Lightspeed Unique:
  • Unparalleled Short Inventory
    • Access to 7 different locate sources
  • Advanced Routing
    • Fast order execution speeds
    • 100+ Order types and routing destinations
  • Extensive Suite of Reliable Trading Platforms
    • Lightspeed Trader
    • Sterling Trader Pro
    • DAS Trader Pro
    • Lightspeed Web & Mobile
    • Sterling Vol Trader
    • SILEXX
    • Eze EMS
    • eFutures by CGQ
  • Affordable Pricing
    1. Control over your pricing structure
    2. Discounts for high-volume traders
    3. Equity Commissions as low as $.001 per share
    4. Option Contracts as low as $0.20 per contract
    5. Futures for $1.29 per side
  • Premium Client Experience
    • Fast response times to inquiries
    • Knowledgeable Staff who understands active traders
    • One-on-one customer support
Lightspeed is Perfect for Traders Who Are:
  • Knowledgeable
  • Experienced
  • Professionals
  • Aspiring Professionals
  • High-Frequency/High-Volume
  • Scalpers
  • Active
  • Short-Sellers
  • Options Traders
  • Futures Traders
Restrictions or Limitations
  • Not available in Canada, Australia or any OFAC-sanctioned regions.
  • Differing account minimums based on your trading platform.