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CenterPoint Securities x TrendSpider

Sign up and fund an account at CenterPoint Securities for complimentary access to TrendSpider.

CenterPoint Securities is a TrendSpider Partner Broker. Through this program, you may get complimentary access to TrendSpider as part of your relationship with CenterPoint Securities. Certain conditions may apply. Please contact CenterPoint Securities for more information.

  • It's hard to choose a broker. Let us make it easier. When you work with a TrendSpider Partner Broker and meet the broker's program conditions, you will be able to get access to TrendSpider on them!
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds - a broker that treats you right and the industry's most advanced trading research software from TrendSpider.
  • Receive Special Benefits from both TrendSpider and CenterPoint Securities when you signup through this partnership offer.

CenterPoint Securities

What Makes CenterPoint Unique:

  • Extensive Short Inventory
    • Unrivaled Access to Short Locates
    • In-House Securities Lending Team
    • Locate Discount Program – Save up to 30% on locates
  • Advanced Routing
    • Traders can take control of their order flow
    • Faster executions, better fill rates, and better fill prices
    • 30+ routing options, including market makers, ECNs, and smart routes
  • Cost-Effective Commissions
    • Discounts for Active Traders
    • Equities Rates as Low as $0.001/share
    • Options Rates as Low as $0.20/contract
  • Focus on Customer Service
    • Knowledgeable Team
    • Fast Responses During Market Hours

CenterPoint is Perfect for Traders who are:

  • Knowledgeable – Clients are not mobile traders or hobbyists - they are serious traders, many of whom make a full-time living trading the markets.
  • Value Focused – Clients value tools that can help them execute their strategies optimally. These traders recognize that quality executions do more for their bottom lines than commission-free trades.
  • Short Sellers – Short selling is a component of many clients’ strategies; they recognize that access to extensive short inventory can be the difference between taking a trade and sitting on the sidelines.
  • Well Capitalized – CenterPoint has a $50,000 account minimum, ensuring all clients are well-capitalized and not subject to the PDT rule. (Minimum reduced to $30,000 for TrendSpider users!)