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Unusual Whales

Unusual Whales is a registered trademark of Unusual Whales Inc. TrendSpider is not affiliated with this company in anyway.

Screenshot of Unusual Whales homepage taken in July 2023

Unusual Whales is an innovative financial data platform that aims to bring transparency and actionable insights to the financial markets. Its primary focus is to help retail traders by providing real-time data, historical data, and various tools for options, equities, and cryptocurrency trading. The platform exposes market-wide corruption, facilitates deep market research, and provides a community for its users to engage with like-minded traders.

Company Overview

Launched in 2021, Unusual Whales is a fully independent and self-funded platform, with no ties to any external network or support. The company strives to develop the most affordable retail tooling available, fighting for market transparency. Although the company’s owner is anonymous, the team includes key figures such as Snorlax, responsible for product development, community management, and support, and Nicholas, who takes care of partnerships, community, and memes.

Key Features

Unusual Whales offers an extensive array of features designed to provide traders with comprehensive insights into financial markets:

  • Live Options Flow and Dark Pool/Stock Flow: Real-time and fully filterable data feeds enable users to track EVERY options trade across all US exchanges and see what’s happening across dark pools.
  • Live Charting: This feature incorporates dozens of integrated technical analysis indicators and price action alerts for in-depth market analysis.
  • Options Profit Calculator: Pre-built strategies assist users in visualizing their trades and potential profits or losses.
  • Live News: The newest financial news and market buzz, including analyst reports, are readily available to keep users informed about the latest market trends.
  • Trading Journal: A complete trading journal equipped with all market data helps users analyze their trading strategies and patterns.
  • 50+ Research Tools: Over 50 tools are available for discovering trade opportunities and monitoring positions.
  • Trade On Site: The platform allows users to trade their favorite equities, options, and crypto directly on the website.
  • Data Shop: Users in need of raw financial data can access this directly from the site.

What Sets Unusual Whales Apart?

Unusual Whales sets itself apart by its commitment to providing retail traders with tools that were traditionally accessible only to institutional traders or hedge funds. The platform’s real-time and historical options data feeds, coupled with its extensive range of research tools, are designed to help users compete with institutional ‘unusual’ moves. Unusual Whales also sets itself apart by its focus on community, providing a space for traders to interact, learn, and share their trading experiences.

What Does Unusual Whales Cost?

Unusual Whales offers a monthly subscription to its “Super Live Buffet” for $48.00, or an annual subscription for $528.00. This plan provides users with a plethora of features such as real-time data feeds, proprietary tools, access to subscriber-only channels, mobile applications, and much more.

Data downloads are available for subscribers to the annual subscription tier only, and all sales are final. Professional/Enterprise subscriptions are also available upon inquiry.

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The Bottom Line

Unusual Whales is a powerful platform for retail traders seeking to equip themselves with the tools, data, and community needed to navigate the financial markets effectively. Its commitment to transparency, affordability, and community engagement, combined with its extensive range of features, makes it a valuable resource for those seeking to level the playing field in the world of finance.


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