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TrendSpider is an all-in-one trading platform built by traders, for traders. The platform offers an innovative solution for traders seeking smarter, faster, and more strategic trading decisions. By leveraging cutting-edge automation and analysis technology, TrendSpider has eliminated much of the grunt work traditionally associated with trading, giving users the tools they need to strategize, analyze, and execute their trades with unprecedented efficiency.

Company Overview

TrendSpider was born out of the frustration and inefficiencies experienced by its founders, who began their journey in technical trading more than a decade ago. They found that external factors such as emotions, bias, and even the influence of high-profile industry figures had the potential to skew their analysis and impede their pursuit of a consistent trading strategy.

The founders, consisting of seasoned traders and savvy developers, realized they were spending an inordinate amount of time manually analyzing charts, only to have to start over the next day. This time-consuming process was not only inefficient but often served as a stumbling block in achieving their ultimate goal: consistently profitable trades.

In response to these challenges, TrendSpider was established in 2016. The founders aimed to create a new breed of charting platform that would equip traders with better tools for constructing their trading plans and strategies. The focus was on improving efficiency and minimizing errors that could undermine profits.

Leading the charge is the company’s Founder and CEO, Dan Ushman, a business strategist with a keen understanding of the trading landscape. Ruslan ‘Rus’ Lagutin serves as the CTO, a technological ‘ninja’ who forms part of the founding team. Other key personnel include Brad Ritter, the VP of Marketing, Jason Krutzky, the Senior Evangelist and host of TrendSpider TV, and Jason Randolph, VP of Partnerships and GM of SignalStack.

Over the years, TrendSpider has evolved and grown, pushing the envelope of innovation in technical analysis software. Today, it is lauded as the most comprehensive platform on the market. TrendSpider was the first to introduce a fully customizable automation engine on a charting platform, making their alert system stand “head and shoulders” above the competition.

TrendSpider is a truly global operation with staff based in Chicago, Denver, India, Russia, and Ukraine. Its diverse team of experienced developers and seasoned traders caters to tens of thousands of active traders worldwide, helping them enhance their efficiency and accuracy in trading.

Key Features

Here’s an overview of what TrendSpider offers:

  • Scanner: The platform allows you to create, test, and refine trading strategies using 50 years of historical data. With the click of a button, you can backtest strategies and refine them based on the results. It’s blazing fast, doesn’t require any coding, and allows you to explore both technical and non-technical strategies.
  • Charting: Search the market for trading ideas, just like searching for websites on Google. With automated processes for routine tasks, you can swiftly analyze trading opportunities and make informed decisions. The platform offers robust technical charting, native multi-timeframe analysis, a multi-symbol view, Smart Checklists, and Raindrop Charts to identify breakouts and fakeouts.
  • Pattern Recognition: Use dynamic price alerts and automated trading bots to precisely place trades. Instead of chasing the market, you can wait for it to come to you, capitalizing on opportunities when they arise.
  • Backtesting Solution: TrendSpider provides the most robust backtesting solution available. With visual strategy creation, you can test long or short strategies, combine technical and non-technical conditions, and systematically improve your trading. It includes detailed reporting and analytics, as well as a price behavior explorer chart to visually understand your backtested strategy’s performance.
  • Trading Bots: When you find a winning backtest, you can convert it into an automated Trading Bot without needing any coding expertise. These bots are position-aware, fault-tolerant, and can work across any real-time data asset class.
  • Alerts: Create multi-factor and dynamic price alerts based on various chart elements. With these alerts, you can monitor complex conditions and react swiftly when the market aligns with your trading strategy.
  • Integration Capabilities: Integrate your alerts or trading bots with any external system that supports webhooks. This feature allows you to trigger actions in external systems such as social media channels, email, or order routers connected to your brokerage.
  • Comprehensive Data: TrendSpider includes real-time stock, crypto, and forex data as well as delayed futures and index data in your plan. There’s no need to pay separately for data feeds.
  • Intuitive Interface: The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, helping you make informed trading decisions quickly.
  • Support: Receive free technical support during NYSE market hours via chat, email, or call.

TrendSpider is more than just charts. It’s a complete toolkit that has everything you need to be a smarter, faster, and more efficient technical trader.

What Sets TrendSpider Apart?

TrendSpider distinguishes itself from other trading platforms with its dedication to automation, versatility, and trader-focused design. The platform offers a fully customizable automation engine, a first in the industry, which helps users consistently plan their trades and execute them like professionals. This focus on automation not only eliminates many traditional trading hurdles but also promotes more accurate and efficient decision-making.

Moreover, the platform is the only all-in-one trading platform on the market, with extensive tools and real-time data across stocks, crypto, and forex. By offering a comprehensive suite of tools and data, TrendSpider empowers traders to manage their trades more efficiently.

What Does TrendSpider Cost?

TrendSpider costs around $149 per month, with discounts for annual billing.

Learn more at

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, TrendSpider is a comprehensive, efficient, and powerful tool for traders of all levels. By leveraging automation and advanced analytics, the platform has effectively revolutionized the trading landscape, providing users with the tools they need to make informed, strategic trading decisions quickly. Whether you are a novice trader or a seasoned professional, TrendSpider is a valuable investment that could potentially enhance your trading efficiency and profitability.


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