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Trade Ideas

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Screenshot of Trade Ideas homepage taken in August 2023

Trade Ideas is a stock market analysis and scanning platform. Its key function is to help traders spot opportunities in the market that are otherwise easy to miss. By delivering advanced algorithms and machine learning tools, Trade Ideas has become an indispensable resource for active traders.

Company Overview

Trade Ideas was established in 2003 by a team of fintech entrepreneurs who were instrumental in the self-directed investment movement. The founders recognized that investors were seeking more control over their portfolios and were keen to embrace new technologies. With a focus on real-time data, Trade Ideas has grown its technological advantage, with its solutions now being used by leading online brokerages. The company’s top figures include CEO Daniel Mirkin, CRO Philip Smolen, COO Brad Williams, and Business Development Manager David Aferiat.

Key Features

Trade Ideas boasts several core features that enhance trading experience:

  • Charting & Stock Scanning: It enables traders to scan the market for potential investment opportunities and display stock charts for better understanding.
  • Real-time Alerts & News: This feature provides timely alerts and news relevant to an investor’s portfolio, helping to stay informed about market changes.
  • Backtesting: It allows users to test trading strategies using historical data to ensure they are viable before using them in real-world trading.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Holly, the AI system of Trade Ideas, processes several dozens of investment algorithms overnight, delivering a subset with the highest alpha probability for the next market session.
  • Simulated Trading: Trade Ideas offers a real-time simulated trading environment for practicing trading strategies without risking capital.
  • Entry & Exit Signals: The platform provides suggested entry and exit signals that are statistically weighted, helping traders make informed decisions.
  • Performance Tracking: Users can track their portfolio performance, providing useful insights into their trading strategies.
  • Risk Analysis: This feature offers insights into potential risks, enabling users to manage them proactively.

What Sets It Apart?

Trade Ideas is distinguished by its AI-driven solutions that give investors an edge in the market. It has become a go-to platform for individuals looking to test the waters, seasoned traders seeking to enhance their strategies, and professionals aiming to manage their clients’ money more effectively. Notably, it connects directly to brokerage accounts, facilitating $0 commission trades and even allows for automated trading strategies.

What Does It Cost?

Trade Ideas offers two pricing tiers, the Standard and Premium subscriptions. The Standard subscription is available for $118 monthly or $999 annually, whereas the Premium subscription costs $228 monthly or $1999 annually. Both subscriptions offer a wide range of features, with the Premium offering access to the AI-powered robo-adviser, Holly.

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The Bottom Line

Trade Ideas combines sophisticated technology with a user-friendly interface to deliver a top-tier platform for traders of all experience levels. With its ability to spot hidden opportunities and assist with risk management, Trade Ideas has solidified its place as a crucial tool in any trader’s arsenal. Its integration with brokerage accounts, combined with the ability to test and learn trading strategies in a risk-free environment, truly sets Trade Ideas apart. The result is a trading platform that not only meets the needs of today’s traders but anticipates the market’s demands of tomorrow.


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