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TipRanks is a registered trademark of TipRanks LTD. TrendSpider is not affiliated with this company in anyway.

Screenshot of TipRanks homepage taken in July 2023

TipRanks is a groundbreaking financial technology company, boasting a wide array of financial research tools designed to empower retail investors to make intelligent, data-driven investment decisions. The platform’s mission is to democratize access to institutional-quality research tools and data, thus providing a level playing field for all types of investors, regardless of their level of experience or financial knowledge. TipRanks emphasizes transparency and accountability, allowing users to monitor, measure, and rank the performance of over 96,000 financial experts across the globe, bringing clarity to the often opaque world of investment advice.

Company Overview

TipRanks was established in 2012 by Uri Gruenbaum and Gilad Gat, initially operating as a startup from Tel Aviv. Since then, it has flourished into an indispensable resource for investors around the world. The company operates independently, with Uri Gruenbaum as the CEO and Gilad Gat as the CTO. The team comprises industry experts, data scientists, and engineers, all united by the shared goal of providing individual investors with unbiased and reliable investment advice previously accessible only to institutional investors.

Key Features

TipRanks offers an impressive array of features engineered to streamline and optimize investment strategies:

  • Expert Accountability: TipRanks holds financial experts accountable by providing access to their performance track records. It covers a diverse range of professionals, including Wall Street analysts, hedge fund managers, financial bloggers, and corporate insiders, enabling users to scrutinize their reliability and follow their recommendations with confidence.
  • Smart Portfolio: With the Smart Portfolio feature, users can manage and optimize their portfolios, deriving unique insights and analyses. It also enables users to compare their portfolio performance to other investors, thus illuminating potential areas for improvement and growth.
  • News & Insights: TipRanks keeps its users informed with the latest market news and original articles. These insights cover stock trends, market movements, and expert opinions, providing a well-rounded perspective of the financial landscape.
  • Stock Research: TipRanks enables comprehensive stock research, offering advanced charts, unique datasets, and fundamental analysis, all aimed at helping users make informed decisions about their investments.
  • New Investment Ideas: The platform offers daily feeds, stock screeners, and other tools designed to help users easily discover new investment opportunities. This feature helps users uncover promising stocks that align with their investment goals.

What Sets TipRanks Apart?

TipRanks’ value proposition is anchored in its commitment to transparency and accountability in the financial advice sector. Unlike many other platforms, TipRanks maintains a performance history of financial experts, fostering credibility and trust among its users. Catering to a broad market spectrum, from individual retail investors to large-scale global financial institutions, TipRanks enhances client services by providing interactive stock research tools that promote informed decision-making.

What Does TipRanks Cost?

TipRanks offers two principal pricing plans: the Premium and the Ultimate. The Premium plan, costing $30 per month, includes premium stock analysis, smart portfolio research, daily expert insights, and premium research tools among other features. The Ultimate plan, costing $50 per month, provides a more comprehensive suite of services that includes stock risk factor analysis, insiders’ hot stocks, unlimited email alerts, and VIP support. Both these plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, offering users a risk-free opportunity to explore the platform’s capabilities.

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The Bottom Line

In an age marked by the proliferation of investment advice platforms, TipRanks distinguishes itself through its robust data-driven approach, steadfast commitment to transparency, and comprehensive range of tools. By providing retail investors with access to institutional-grade research tools and data, it grants them an edge typically enjoyed exclusively by Wall Street professionals. Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking for a detailed breakdown of financial experts’ performance, or a beginner keen on making data-driven decisions, TipRanks equips you with the necessary tools and information to optimize your investment strategy. In essence, TipRanks embodies a modern solution for modern investors, delivering insightful data and tools at your fingertips, thus facilitating informed and effective investment decisions.


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