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MarketSmith is a registered trademark of Investor’s Business Daily, LLC. TrendSpider is not affiliated with this company in anyway.

Screenshot of MarketSmith homepage taken in July 2023

MarketSmith is a dynamic and powerful stock research platform designed to meet the needs of individual investors. It provides insightful trading ideas, rapid analysis capabilities, and detailed guidance on optimal times to buy and sell, all in one comprehensive platform. Engineered to elevate the investing experience, MarketSmith is the brainchild of stock-picking legend William O’Neil and stands out from other research platforms in its design, efficiency, and ease of use.

Company Overview

The creator behind MarketSmith, William O’Neil, founded the parent company, Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), over 35 years ago with a simple mission: to help individual investors make more money in the stock market. IBD continues to operate with this vision under its umbrella and has impacted thousands of people’s financial trajectories with its intuitive investing products, educational resources, and unmatched market analysis. William O’Neil’s legacy continues in MarketSmith, a tool intended to bring the professional-grade investing research to individual investors.

Key Features

MarketSmith boasts a multitude of features designed to empower investors. These include:

  • Proprietary Lists: It provides top-rated stocks from proprietary lists, giving investors a reliable starting point.
  • Exclusive Ratings and Tools: Investors can deeply analyze stocks with exclusive ratings and tools, making the evaluation process more informed.
  • Chart Overlay: Ideal times to buy and sell are overlaid directly on the stock chart, making the decision-making process more precise.
  • Database Access: A database of over 18,000 stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds is available for detailed exploration.
  • Algorithmic Pattern Recognition: This helps investors to identify and react to market trends in a more timely and effective manner.
  • Interactive Full-Screen Charts: These allow for a comprehensive and uncluttered view of market trends.
  • Education and Support: It provides coaching, webinars, educational videos, and a library of investing knowledge to guide users of all experience levels.

What Sets It Apart?

MarketSmith differentiates itself in several ways. Firstly, it is designed by a trading legend for individual investors, ensuring that the tools and approach have a strong professional foundation. Unlike other professional software platforms that can cost over $1000 per month, MarketSmith provides access to a powerful database and premium features for a much more affordable monthly rate.

Furthermore, MarketSmith integrates all necessary investing research in one platform, eliminating the need for multiple tools or extensive web searches. Its powerful features, like algorithmic pattern recognition, combined with a focus on user-friendly design and customer support, make MarketSmith a unique and valuable tool for investors.

What Does MarketSmith Cost?

MarketSmith offers different plans to cater to the varied needs of investors. New users can avail of a one-month trial for $29.95, after which the service costs $149.95/month. However, there is an option to save over 16% off the monthly price by signing up for an annual membership, which costs $1,499/year. This flexible pricing allows investors to choose a plan that suits their investment needs and budget.

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The Bottom Line

In conclusion, MarketSmith is an exceptional stock research platform that blends professional-grade tools, ease of use, and educational support to provide a comprehensive solution for individual investors. Whether you are a beginner on your investing journey or a veteran trader looking for an edge, MarketSmith can dramatically improve your investing research process and help you make more informed trading decisions. It offers a rare combination of affordability, depth of information, and user-friendly design, making it a standout choice in the world of stock research platforms.


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