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Fundamental Investing The 100 Baggers Method
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CANSLIM Method by William O’Neil

In the world of investing, finding a reliable strategy can be challenging. However, one method has consistently delivered exceptional results: CANSLIM. Developed by renowned investor William J. O’Neil, CANSLIM combines fundamental and technical analysis to identify stocks with high growth potential.

In this article, we explore the core principles of CANSLIM, unveiling the secrets behind its success. By understanding and implementing these principles, investors can enhance their ability to spot promising stocks and improve their investment performance.

What Is the CANSLIM Method?

CANSLIM, also known as CAN SLIM, is an investment method developed by William J. O’Neil, the founder of Investor’s Business Daily. It combines fundamental and technical analysis to identify stocks with strong growth potential. The acronym itself represents the key factors that investors should consider when selecting stocks.

C – Current Earnings

The “C” in CANSLIM emphasizes the importance of a company’s current earnings per share (EPS) growth rate. O’Neil believed that stocks with strong and accelerating earnings growth tend to outperform the market. He looked for companies with quarterly earnings growth of at least 25% compared to the same quarter of the previous year, as well as robust sales growth.

A – Annual Earnings

The “A” component focuses on a company’s annual earnings growth rate. CANSLIM places significance on consistent and substantial annual earnings growth over the past few years. O’Neil looked for companies with a minimum annual earnings growth rate of 25% in recent years.

N – New Product, Service, or Management:

The “N” highlights the importance of companies that introduce new and innovative products, services, or have exceptional management teams. O’Neil believed that companies with groundbreaking innovations or effective leadership have a higher likelihood of success. Identifying companies that are at the forefront of new trends or have a competitive edge can provide an advantage in stock selection.

S – Supply and Demand

The “S” in CANSLIM emphasizes the analysis of supply and demand dynamics in the stock market. O’Neil looked for stocks with increasing demand and limited supply. This is often indicated by a rising stock price accompanied by higher-than-average trading volume. The principle suggests that stocks experiencing strong demand are more likely to continue their upward trajectory.

L – Leader or Laggard

The “L” component focuses on identifying stocks that demonstrate leadership within their respective industries. O’Neil believed that market leaders, which outperform their peers in terms of stock price performance and sales growth, are more likely to sustain their momentum. However, the concept of whether to invest in established leaders or emerging companies with potential is a common debate among investors. Some argue that investing in established leaders provides stability and reliability, while others prefer seeking out underappreciated stocks with significant growth potential. This aspect of the CANSLIM method invites different perspectives and investment strategies.

I – Institutional Sponsorship

The “I” highlights the importance of institutional ownership. CANSLIM emphasizes stocks with significant institutional sponsorship, indicating support from professional investors such as mutual funds, pension funds, and other large institutions. Institutions’ interest in a stock can contribute to increased stability, liquidity, and potential for future price appreciation.

M – Market Direction

The “M” underscores the significance of overall market direction. CANSLIM emphasizes investing during bullish market conditions when the general market trend is positive. O’Neil believed that the market trend influences the performance of individual stocks, and it is crucial to align investments with the prevailing market direction.

CANSLIM Case Studies

Here are a few notable case studies that showcase the application of the CANSLIM method:

  1. Apple Inc. Logo of AAPLAAPL: Apple is often cited as a successful CANSLIM stock pick. In the early 2000s, the company demonstrated strong earnings growth, introduced groundbreaking products like the iPod, and exhibited market leadership within the technology industry. Investors who identified Apple as a CANSLIM candidate and held onto the stock during its transformative years benefited from substantial price appreciation.
  2. Netflix Inc. Logo of NFLXNFLX: Netflix’s rise as a dominant player in the streaming industry is another example of a successful CANSLIM investment. The company showed significant earnings growth, capitalized on the shift from physical DVDs to online streaming, and consistently demonstrated market leadership. Investors who recognized Netflix’s potential early on and followed the CANSLIM principles had the opportunity to participate in its remarkable growth story.
  3. Tesla Inc. Logo of TSLATSLA: Tesla has been a high-profile CANSLIM success story. The company’s innovative electric vehicles, strong revenue growth, and market leadership within the clean energy sector captured the attention of CANSLIM investors. Those who identified Tesla’s potential as a disruptive force in the automotive industry and embraced its stock early on have experienced substantial returns.
  4. Inc. Logo of AMZNAMZN: Amazon is often considered a prime example of a CANSLIM stock pick. The company displayed consistent earnings growth, introduced game-changing innovations like Amazon Prime and Kindle, and established dominance in the e-commerce space. Investors who recognized Amazon’s market leadership and growth prospects early on were rewarded with significant long-term gains.

These case studies illustrate the potential benefits of using the CANSLIM method to identify stocks with strong growth potential and market leadership. However, it’s important to note that past performance is not indicative of future results, and thorough research and analysis are always necessary before making investment decisions.

Pros and Cons of the CANSLIM Method

Here are some potential advantages and disadvantages of the CANSLIM method:


  1. Strong Emphasis on Growth: CANSLIM focuses on identifying stocks with strong earnings growth, both in the current period and over the long term. This emphasis on growth potential allows investors to target companies that have the potential for substantial price appreciation.
  2. Comprehensive Approach: CANSLIM combines fundamental and technical analysis, offering a well-rounded perspective on stock selection. By considering both the company’s financial health and the market’s supply and demand dynamics, investors can make more informed decisions.
  3. Proven Track Record: CANSLIM has a history of success, with many investors achieving impressive returns using this method. It has been widely embraced by experienced market participants, adding to its credibility and reputation.


  1. Complexity: Implementing the CANSLIM method requires a thorough understanding of various financial and technical indicators. It may take time and effort to learn and apply the methodology effectively, especially for novice investors.
  2. Subjectivity in Stock Selection: While CANSLIM provides guidelines, there is still a level of subjectivity involved in selecting stocks. Determining which companies truly have the potential for significant growth and meet all the criteria can be challenging and may vary between investors.
  3. Reliance on Market Timing: Identifying the right timing to enter or exit the market is crucial for CANSLIM’s success. However, accurately predicting market trends can be challenging, and mistiming the market can lead to suboptimal investment outcomes.

As with any investment strategy, it is important to conduct thorough research, adapt the method to individual circumstances, and exercise prudent judgment when applying the CANSLIM methodology.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the CANSLIM method offers a comprehensive approach to investing, combining fundamental and technical analysis. While it has a proven track record and provides valuable insights, it also requires careful consideration of its complexity and subjectivity. By understanding its pros and cons, investors can make informed decisions and adapt the method to suit their goals and preferences. Ultimately, success in investing relies on continuous learning, research, and disciplined execution, regardless of the chosen strategy.


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