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YouTube Special Event – Adapting To A Changing Market

The market trend (bull or bear) that a trader begins their journey in shapes their trading style in many ways for the better or the worst. The first chart patterns and indicators they become familiar with are sometimes one sided towards the temperament, momentum, and volatility of the “current” trend they are in. However, as we all know, with market rotation, trends change and along with them, so must the trader’s trading strategies and techniques.

In this video, tips and trading tricks are showcased to help learn how to “Adapt to a Changing Market”. 9 well known veteran stock and crypto traders from all types of asset classes, join us to talk about how they have been adapting to the changing market in Q1.

Guest Line Up:
Rob Smith – Creator of the Strat
ThetaWarrior – Options Trader
MagicMike – Market veteran and educator
Jerremy Newsome – CEO of Real Life Trading
MarketTradersTV (Mike and t3mpoz) – Trading and education services
Jack Alphacharts365 – Trader and Market Analyst
Anne-Marie Baiynd – Futures trader; empowering women in the markets
Options Mike – Options and Stock Trader
Peter Hegedus – Co-Founder of The Traders Path and master of the TTM (BB/KC)Squeeze

Enjoy this 4-hour special of chart patterns, momentum analysis, time frame analysis, candlestick patterns, positions sizing and so many more useful insights into how to “Adapt to a Changing Market”.