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03/02/2021 |

Update to “MA Cloud by Ripster” Indicator Release Notes

This update enhances the MA Cloud by Ripster indicator in TrendSpider in several ways that are outlined in this post. The MA Cloud indicator is a very simple indicator that is designed to change how traders think about moving averages that has been popularized by @Ripster47 on Twitter. The indicator takes two moving averages as inputs and then fills in the area between them to form a “Cloud-like” appearance. This then forces the user to consider the moving averages as more of a range than a single line, which in turn helps remove some of the choppy and emotional decision making that some traders fall into during active trading sessions. For details about this indicator and how it works, please see the video and images below.

“MA Clouds by Ripster” Indicator Overview Video

How it works 

There are several options you can configure to make MA Clouds yours. You can also add more than one MA Cloud to your screen.

Settings and Options for MA Clouds

Preview of a chart with Two MA Clouds overlapping

MA Type – Any standard moving average type, simple or otherwise can be used to calculate your MA clouds.

Length 1 and 2 – The respective lengths of the two moving averages you wish to use to calculate your cloud using the MY Type you selected.

Offset – Moves the moving average cloud forward by X number of candles, an effect similar to Ichimoku Clouds.

Price Source – What number to use to calculate the moving average.

Additional options for clouds include:

– Options for each moving average for Stroke, Color and a checkbox to enable or Disable.

– Options for color of cloud when Positive and Negative. This represents the background fill.