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12/28/2023 |

Upcoming Update to TrendSpider Mobile Apps for Android and iPhone

Hello, traders! We’ve got some big news for you. We’re about to roll out a completely revamped TrendSpider Mobile Application for iPhone and Android in the next few weeks. This post contains information about the upgrade so you know what to expect. Details after the jump!

Right now, our app lets you view your charts, watchlists, and alerts. It’s handy but limited. The new version is a complete makeover designed to enhance your TrendSpider experience away from your desk. Everything you could do in the old app, you can do in the new one – and more. 

New Functionality

The new app will bring a slew of upgraded and expanded functionality to the palm of your hand. Here’s what’s coming:

  • A completely redesigned interface for clearer navigation. Charts and Watchlists now have dedicated screens.
  • Customizable charts, including colors and padding, directly from your phone.
  • Enhanced watchlist management so you can add, remove, and modify watchlists. 
  • You can now manage Trading Bots and Alerts from your device.
  • Access ticker-specific Seasonality charts so you can know if it is a good or bad time for a particular asset. 
  • Access your Smart Checklists so you can spend less time analyzing each asset individually.

This is an image of two screens from the new mobile app. On the left is a chart screen and on the right is a watchlist screen. On the old version of the app, charts and watchlists were on the same screen, but now they're on stand alone tabs.

Finding Trading Opportunities On The Go

One of our primary goals with this update was to make finding new trading ideas easy while on the go. With these tools, you’ll be able to do things like spot interesting market activity, analyze data, and access our suite of alternative information natively no matter where you are or what you are doing.

  • Insider Trading: Track what corporate insiders are doing with their shares. Are they buying or selling?
  • Unusual Options: Track what large institutional options traders are doing. Are they bullish or bearish?
  • Analyst Estimates: Keep an eye on what Wall Street analysts are saying about your stocks and ideas. 
  • Benzinga Pro News: Watch the market’s best news feed for tickers that are mentioned in the press.

This is an image of two screens from the new mobile app. On the left is the selection screen where you can choose between viewing things like unusual options, news, seasonality and more. On the right is an example of the unusual options screen.

How To Preview The New App

The new app launches in a few weeks, but you can get a sneak peek today using your mobile web browser. Simply click this link from your phone to experience the upcoming native app interface.

This is an image of the login screen you'll see when you go to sign in to the new app.

One last thing: If you prefer the old app, no worries. You can continue to use it. Just don’t upgrade when the new version releases, and let us know at how we can improve. Stay tuned for the new release and happy trading!