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02/03/2024 |

Capital Moves: Unveiling U.S. Congress & Senate Trades

In recent years, the trading activity of government officials, including senators and members of Congress, has come under increasing scrutiny. The public demands transparency and accountability from their elected representatives, and we’re excited to bring that access with U.S. Congress and Senate Trading data. Details after the jump!

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Did you know that, in 2023 alone, Senators and House members collectively executed over 3,500 trades which totaled approximately $114m in value? To us, that’s substantial involvement in the markets that you should be mindful and aware of and now you can be, with U.S. Congress and Senate Trading data.

How It Works

The Stock Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act, or ‘STOCK’ Act, requires U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives to publicly file and disclose any financial transaction within 45 days of its occurrence. The purpose of these disclosures is to emphasize transparency and compliance with trading regulations for government officials.

We download the disclosures, parse them for stock trades, fetch the stock’s performance in the time following the transaction, and calculate each politician’s cumulative return from their trades. This data then flows into an easy-to-use interface that can be found here.

Filtering Capabilities

Traders can filter this data in three ways; By politician, by ticker symbol, or both. For example, if you’d like to see what stocks Nancy Pelosi currently owns as well as the size and performance of those positions, just search her name in the ‘Name’ menu.

Perhaps you’d like to see if any politicians are currently invested in positions you own. Simply type the ticker in the search box and you’ll get an up-to-date list.

Want to get specific and define the last time a particular Senator or Congressperson bought shares in a specific company? You can do that, too!

If you’d just like to know who is trading what right now, simply leave the search boxes empty for a list of all the most recent trades that have been taken by any Senator or Congressperson.

Government Officials or Market Wizards?

Last week, US Representative Michael Burgess filed his purchase of stock in XOM (Exxon Mobil). Burgess sits on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.  What does he know?

In November, US Representative Michael Guest bought stock in EVVTY (Evolution Gaming), the day before a massive gap up and +30% rally. The stock is an online casino company, and Guest is the chairman of the House Ethics Committee. The irony. 🫠

It’s no secret US Representative Nancy Pelosi is an avid trader. Just two months ago, she bought over $5M in NVDA (Nvidia Corporation) call options. The stock is up over +35% since. Must have just been a coincidence. 🙃

On December 14th, US Representative Jared Moskowitz made two large sales of SBCF (Seacoast Bank). This happened to be the EXACT top before shares tumbled over -20%  🧐

Why Track Government Trading Activity? 

If the above charts aren’t enough to sway you to keep at least one eye on what these folks are trading, think about it this way; Government officials are akin to insiders at a company. They stand at the forefront of legislation which can have sweeping implications for companies, and therefore, traders like you.

In addition, by monitoring these trades, retail traders contribute to transparency in the financial activities of public figures. This transparency reinforces ethical standards in the financial world and fosters trust among traders.

As always, we hope you find this new data helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via the ‘Contact Us‘ button in the bottom right corner of your chart view.