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07/23/2018 |

TrendSpider User Guide: Truth Analysis Line

At TrendSpider, we work hard to make sure everything about our automated analysis is transparent to our customers. One of the ways we do this is through our newly released “Truth in Analysis” Line, which was previously informally known as the “Honesty” Line. This line will show that our analysis is always truthful with a time stamp when it was last performed.

What is the main function of this line and why is it important?

This feature is displayed as a vertical dotted line on each chart and indicates when the chart was last analyzed by the system’s smart algorithms. The ‘Refresh Analysis’ button allows you to instantly refresh the analysis to look for changes and new trends. Don’t feel obligated to refresh all the time. Leaving analysis locked lets you see how the setup pans out. Any time analysis looks stale to you, just tell the system to refresh it.

Truth Analysis Line.

Refresh Analysis: Before and After

As seen below, once the user refreshes the chart analysis, new trendlines will appear that are relevant to the current price action. However, if you would like to keep certain trendlines from the old analysis, you can always lock the trendlines you would like to keep on the chart in case they are removed from the new analysis.

Truth Analysis Line before and after refresh.

For more information please visit our user documentation.