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06/26/2021 |

TrendSpider’s Jake Wujastyk Favored On Invezz’s “47 Best Stock Traders To Follow”

Whether you’re a beginner trader or more experienced trader there are always new quirks and techniques to pick up in relation to the stock market. One of the best ways to go about educating ones self is through shadowing the pros! That is why we are proud to proclaim our very own Jake Wujastyk (TrendSpider’s Chief Marketing Analyst) has been ranked in Invezz’s top 47 best trading accounts to follow. Jake Wujastyk posts a variety of stock-related content, mostly pertaining to technical analysis. If you are interested in familiarizing yourself with TrendSpider’s tools, or would rather just increase your knowledge on trading the stock market, make sure to check out our co-founder here and start learning!



Check out some of Jake Wujastyk’s latest charts:

$IWM I have been focused on smaller cap names lately because of how ready this looks to break out of a 6-month range. All technicals are there for a big move to the upside.

$VIAC Breaking out. Watch for a move to the swing high anchored VWAP above around $46.25.

$PLTR Launchpad liftoff  & volume-backed breakout.



You can find more of his technical analysis posts, trade setups, and even chart walkthroughs on his Twitter!