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08/04/2019 |

TrendSpider’s First Chart Competition – “Chart Pattern Beauty Contest”

TrendSpider is happy to announce our first-ever “Chart Pattern Beauty Contest” which will first be judged by the fintwit community through the hastag #TrendSpiderContest19. Then, the top 25 charts with the most engagement will be judged by Steven Burns, Brian Shannon, TraderStewie, and John Caynor. Learn more below and see how you could win a free TrendSpider account for a year!

“Chart Pattern Beauty Competition”: August 12th – 18th

  • TrendSpider will be holding a social media competition in which technical analysts, traders, and chartists can enter to win prizes by posting their best, most “beautiful” annotated charts.
  • Entries will be judged by a panel of experts in the fintwit community
  • Prizes for winners would be:
    • First: $100 Amazon Gift Card + 12 Months of TrendSpider Elite ($828 value) 
    • Second: 6 Months TrendSpider Pro ($354 value)
    • Third: 3 Months of TrendSpider Pro ($117 value) 


  • Users have one week (Monday, August 12th AM – Sunday, August 18th PM) to post their best US stock, index, ETF, Forex, Crypto or Futures chart to Twitter using the hashtag: #TrendSpiderContest19
  • Each user can submit one chart. Users who submit more than one are disqualified. 
  • Beautiful price action alone is great, but for a chart to quality, it must be annotated.
  • Each judge will select their personal favorite 3 charts and rank them by 1st, 2nd or 3rd place based on the following criteria
    • Thoughtfulness – Judges discretion
    • Beautiful – Cleanliness (how clean is it)
    • Easy to Understand – Simplicity (how simple, but powerful)
  • The top 25 charts will be sent to all judges. Once judges have submitted their choices, TrendSpider will pick the final winners!

Featured Judges

Steven Burns

Brian Shannon


John Caynor

J.C. Parets

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