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02/17/2021 |

TrendSpider x Cheddar Flow Bundle is Back [Limited Time]

Become an options or equity superstar. Get the best professional trading tools at an unbeatable price when you bundle TrendSpider and Cheddar Flow together!

What we have seen in recent months with stocks like $GME or $AMC’s historical rises (and falls) is that options flow can be an important part of identifying where the price of a stock is headed. We like to think of this like stacking your hand in blackjack. You want to be able to capitalize when you’re holding that 21 but you may not even realize you have it! Sometimes price does not tell the full story and with fundamental data from TrendSpider, price action alerts on indicators, and options flow aggregated data from Cheddar Flow we feel this bundle could be the ultimate package for any serious trader.

Purchase the bundle:

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Watch below for a quick walkthrough of both tools and how you can use them in your day-to-day analysis!

TrendSpider x Cheddar Flow Bundle Offer