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04/17/2019 |

TrendSpider User Guide: Using Hotkeys

In this User Guide, we take a look at how to make using the TrendSpider platform even more efficient with the use of hotkeys. If you use these shortcuts on the keyboard, you will want to check this blog out!

General Hotkeys



Hold Shift + Click (during the welcome tour on background area)Enable skip/end tour options
Hold Shift + Click (on any Trendline or Drawing)Remove trendline or drawing from a chart
Right-click (on a Trendline, Fib Level, or Indicator)Mixed option context-sensitive menus. Manipulate preferences, create an Alert, remove or lock from a chart
Doubleclick (on a Trendline)Lock the line
Arrow key upSwitch to a previous watch list item
Arrow key downSwitch to next watch list item
Mouse wheel or two-finger scroll (over any chart)Zoom in or out
Click-hold-drag (over any zoomed-in chart)Pan
Click-hold-drag (on right price axis)Scale
Click-hold-drag (on time axis)Scale
Mouse wheel or two-finger scroll (over any axis)Scale
Alt+P (Option+P on MAC)Take screenshot of current chart

Drawing Hotkeys


Alt+R (Option+R on Mac)Draw Trendline
Alt+L (Option+L on Mac)Draw Segment Line
Alt+H (Option+H on Mac)Draw Horizontal Line
Alt+V (Option+V on Mac)Draw Vertical Line
Alt+A (Option+A on Mac)Draw Arrow
Alt+S (Option+S on Mac)Draw Rectangle
Alt+T (Option+T on Mac)Add Text Box
Alt+M (Option+M on Mac)Measure Price Move